COVA tapas y sangria – home of the BEST tapas in the metro!


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Prepare yourself for another memorable gastronomical experience!




Now here’s my personal pick for an ideal place to hang out anytime especially if you’re in Makati! I recently discovered this place, thanks to the invitation of Sir Spanky Enriquez! As you know, I rarely attend foodie event invitations but Spanky’s invite was just tooooo irresistible to refuse that I even bravely went there alone!  I honestly didn’t expect much since my taste buds have been too hard to please during the past months  from tasting too many dishes from all over the archipelago. I was a bit hesitant at 1st for as you know, I only write about what I like! I never bother wasting time in writing about mediocre food! hihihi



Our foodie destination that night – Cova Tapas y Sangria located at Jupiter St, Makati!


I was surprised to know that they only opened this year because I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about them online for quite some time now! I went there without any expectations whatsoever! I was there  for the whole experience as always!


That night, I got the opportunity to dine with the finest bunch of foodies in the land! It was such an honor! =)




Be sure to prepare yourselves again for another set of drool-worthy shots!


Lemme show you some of the dishes you never should miss…



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 Tartar de Toro (P349)

fresh beef tenderloin, fresh egg yolk, chives, piparra, migas, crispy onion


I would have to admit that this is one of the most unique appetizers I’ve tasted so far and I never expected it to be so flavorful and so rich in texture. The tenderloin with the fresh yolk plus the migas (Spanish crumbs) and crispy onions were simply swell! Booooom! It got me! After experiencing this, I knew the night was gonna be fab! I was at the perfect place and time…




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 Cap I Pota (tapa P280 | racion P560)

 Ox tripe, Wagyu cheeks, jamon, blood sausage, tomato, sultanas, pine nuts


This was very much like Callos that was kicked a notch higher thanks to the sultanas which balanced the flavors perfectly!

You can’t go wrong with this dish!  Ambrosial! Hands down!




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  Huevos Cabreados (P320)

fried eggs, shoestring potatoes, crispy chorizo, aoli


Impressive plating due to the height and vibrant colors! Spanish Fiesta in a plate! Bursting with flavors and textures running around your mouth! MMMMMmmmmmm Such a fun fun dish! Left me at awe!




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 Paella Negra (P900 serves 3-4)

soft shell crab, mussels, squid, prawns, alioli


OMG …. yeah it was like OMG! I sooooo missed eating Paella! I felt like a foodie again!

It ain’t a Spanish meal without Paella! This one would be my personal favorite because all my favorite seafood were present!  yahoooo! Would love to have this again on my next visit! Can’t wait to tag some friends along!




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Squids, clams, short noodles, alioli



This is basically what you call paella when you use  thin noodles like vermicelli instead of rice. It was my 1st time to try it! You’ll surely create lots of conversations when you order this! Must Try!




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  Cochinillo Asado (P3500)


 The Star of the show! I remember Sir Spanky saying, “Hi Baby!” when he saw this! lols Bye bye Dieting! Oh GAWD somebody stop me!




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Apple Fritters

truly the perfect meal-ender that night! Simple yet so satisfying! 





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Sir Spanky with “the Look”  hihihi




 It was indeed an honor to share a meal with the finest foodies in the land! Finally, I was able to meet Sir Spanky in the flesh!  I genuinely enjoyed all the dishes served that night and I can’t wait to invite my friends over so they can also try the Paella Negra and the other Tapas! Glad to discover yet another place to recommend when in Makati! I love how COVA elevated Spanish Food into new heights…   with food that’s traditional with a modern flair and  a chic ambiance which appeals to all ages! Cova is indeed an ideal place if you aim to impress your friends and loved ones! Definitely another MUST Try when in Manila!





 Cova Tapas y Sangria
22 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City
Tel. No.: (02)4789700 or 09052930591





COVA tapas y sangria – home of the BEST tapas in the metro!