14 Couple Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

Looking to spice things up in your relationship? Racking your brain for some fun ways to spend your downtime with your S.O.? No matter what your reason might be, we found x couple games that you can enjoy together. Just make sure to keep things light and fun – walang mapipikon, please!

14 Couple Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

Our Moments

Couple Games Our Moments

Enjoy date night in a completely new way. This couple game is a surefire way to get the sparks flying between you two! It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place. Buy it now along with other games while they’re on sale for only 150 pesos and below!

Intimacy Deck

Couple Games Intimacy Deck

This deck of cards is meant to spark the joy that you felt at the beginning of your relationship. Even couples who are doing great can always do better and take their relationship to the next level. Buy it now along with other games while they’re on sale for only 200 pesos and below!


If you love chess, this is a simpler version of the game. The goal is to race each other while blocking each other’s path. Order it today!

Love Dice

Couple Games Love Position Dice

This is a fun and adventurous gift for your lover this Valentine’s Day. It is great for bachelor parties, too, or as novelty toys. Buy them now while they’re on sale for only 117 pesos!


Couple Games Vertellis

Vertellis, which means “tell us more” in Dutch, is designed to bring people closer together by asking in-depth questions. These questions will make you reflect, cherish, and share the important and beautiful moments in your lives. Buy it now while it’s on sale at half the price for only 299 pesos!

Kingdomino Duel

This simple game is perfect for competitive couples who want to build the best kingdom while fighting over resources. Order it today!

Bedroom Commands

Couple Games Bedroom Commands

Bedroom Commands is a double-deck card game of commands. One deck is for the Dirty Daddy and the other is for the Sexy B. Whenever either of you wants to take charge, select a card to reveal the action for the evening. Buy it now while it’s on sale at 43% off for only 199 pesos!

Exit or Unlock Series

What better way to test the relationship’s longevity than by adding pressure and puzzles? Exit or Unlock is an escape room in a box. Solve puzzles, look for clues in cards, and escape within the time limit – great games to spice up couples’ night! Order them today!

Foreplay Dice

Couple Games Foreplay Dice

Have lots of fun with these dice and have some drinks while you’re at it. Buy them now while they’re on sale at 49% off for only 66 pesos!


One of the best cooperative games, Pandemic can be played with more players; but saving the world with your special someone just hits differently. Order it today!

Lie Detector

Couple Games Lie Detector

Ah, the infamous Lie Detector! We’re sure you’ve seen this in several videos online by now. Ask each other questions and see who sets zapped for lying! Make sure you don’t take things too seriously, though. Buy it now while it’s on sale at 22% off!

Wheel of Love

Couple Games The Wheel of Love

Press the electric switch and turn the turntable to make your partners suffer the consequences in this game of chance. Each option will have a function for you to perform on your partner and you will never know the next steps, which makes it more fun! Buy it now while it’s on sale at 36% off for only 323 pesos!

The Mind

Wanna check your compatibility with your partner? Just play your cards in ascending order, but the twist is: you’re not allowed to talk! Reach level 12 to confirm that you two are meant for each other. :p Order it today!

The Ultimate Game for Couples

Couple Games Ultimate Game for Couples

Connect one-on-one with your partner or play with other couples in two different gameplays. Buy it now along with other games while they’re on sale for only 200 pesos and below!

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