COOL: This incoming college student tried to visualize a ‘Beep’ app, and it’s AMAZING!

What a more convenient way it could be if our public transportation had an app for us to navigate and work around with, don’t you think?

Today’s generation heavily relies on technology – and for this fresh senior high school grad from San Beda University, she tried visualizing the interfaces of a Beep app!

Bianca Moreno tells WHEN IN MANILA that the class was tasked to create a mobile application for their thesis.

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Since all of us were train riders, we thought of innovating something that would add convenience towards us LRT & MRT passengers. This proposed Beep mobile application includes features such as: using your phone for tapping, more options for balance inquiries, real-time tracking for schedules, a fare guide, famous landmarks for each station, and so much more! We really hope something like this would be created soon, and if not, maybe in a couple years we ourselves will.

Moreno thinks that the mobile app could greatly help the country’s public transportation system.

Since we are in a tech-savvy era, this would be a great help knowing that majority of the train passengers are smartphone users. Technology has really helped us with convenience nowadays, integrating it with our shaky transportation system would cause a better experience for us commuters.

Check out photos of the visualized interface below!

Would you like the Beep app to exist? Let us know in the comments below!

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