10 Cool Harry Potter Items Any Potterhead Will Love

It’s been 24 years since the first Harry Potter books hit the bookshelves, and 20 years since the first movie premiered on the big screen—which, I’m sure you already knew thanks to the recent Harry Potter reunion.

If that reunion special didn’t have you weeping, then it most probably got you extra nostalgic. Want to relive your Potterhead glory days? Here are 10 cool Harry Potter items you can get from Shopee:

10. Magic Mug

maraudersmap mug

Photo from Shopee

Let’s start off with something magical: this transforming magic mug is a must-have. It’s first a completely black mug but once you pour in hot water, it reveals the Marauder’s Map! This will definitely make you feel like a wizard while you make your coffee in the morning. Buy this magic Marauder’s Map mug here!

9. Scented Candle with Jewelry

harrypotter surprise

Photo from Shopee

This cool Harry Potter-inspired scented candle is essentially magic, too. Once you’ve melted enough of its wax, this scented candle actually reveals a gorgeous piece of jewelry inside. You can choose which kind of jewelry to get, or treat this as your very own Sorting Hat and be surprised with which House you get. Buy this Harry Potter surprise candle here!

8. Trunk-Inspired Handbag


Photo from Shopee

This adorable handbag features a trunk-inspired design that will make you look like you’re on the way to Hogwarts. It features the classic Harry Potter colors plus the Hogwarts crest. It’s a great accessory to have if you want to subtly wear a Harry Potter-inspired outfit. Buy this trunk-inspired handbag here!

7. Harry Potter Scarves

hp scarves

Photo from Shopee

If you easily get cold, these Harry Potter scarves are must-haves in your closet. You can now wear the iconic striped scarves from each Hogwarts house anywhere you go. It’s easy to feel like you’re a Hogwarts student with these scarves. Buy these Harry Potter scarves here!

6. Harry Potter Necklaces

hp necklaces

Photo from Shopee

There’s nothing like a sparkly necklace to show off your love for the beloved fandom. These Harry Potter-inspired necklaces are gold plated and feature sparkly stones, making it such an elegant and stylish way to incorporate your love for Harry Potter into your everyday outfit. Buy these Harry Potter necklaces here!

5. Tom Riddle’s Diary

tomriddle diary

Photo from Shopee

If you’re looking for a new journal or planner for the new year, the perfect option for any certified Potterhead is this replica of Tom Riddle’s diary. It even features a faux leather cover and golden letters spelling out “TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE”. Buy this replica of Tom Riddle’s diary here!

4. Harry Potter Wax Seal Kit


Photo from Shopee

Ever wanted to recreate your own Hogwarts acceptance letter (‘cos you didn’t get yours)? You can make it look extra pretty with these Harry Potter-inspired wax seals. You can choose designs based on your Hogwarts house, too! We won’t be surprised if all of your paperwork include a Harry Potter wax seal from here on out. Buy this Harry Potter wax seal kit here!

3. Makeup Brush Set

hp makeupbrush

Photo from Shopee

If you’ve always felt like a wizard when you’re creating your magical makeup looks, this Harry Potter-inspired makeup brush set is a must-have. It includes 5 different makeup brushes with handles designed like the iconic wands from the movies. These will certainly add extra magic to any makeup look you create. Buy this Harry Potter makeup brush set here!

2. Dobby-Inspired Socks

hp socks

Photo from Shopee

Want to keep your feet warm and toasty while it gets colder and colder? Do it the Potterhead way with these adorable Dobby-inspired socks. These socks come in a variety of elegant colors, and each pair features the iconic lines of Dobby: “Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free”. So awesome! Buy these Dobby-inspired socks here!

1. Harry Potter Sleepwear

hp pajamas

Photo from Shopee

If you’re aiming to immerse yourself in the world of Hogwarts even while you stay at home, this Harry Potter-inspired sleepwear set provides an easy way to do that. These sleepwear sets feature elegant designs inspired by the different Hogwarts houses. With these pajama sets, it’s easy to imagine that you’re roaming around the dormitories instead of staying at home. Buy these Harry Potter sleepwear sets here!

What’s your favorite piece of Harry Potter merch? Share it with us!

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