Cool and Fashionable Activewear for Cycling in Style

Whether you’re just a casual biker or a cycling enthusiast, what you wear can make a huge difference to the experience of riding your bike outdoors. Activewear can help you make your daily commutes or weekend bike rides much more comfortable, and we found a few on Lazada that you should definitely check out!

Nuckily Cycling Apparel for Men

nuckily mens cycling clothes

This cycling jersey is made with 100% polyester fabric while the cycling tights are made with 80% Polyester 20% Spandex fabric—both of which are breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable while riding. Buy it now while it’s on sale at 39% off!

Nuckily Cycling Jersey for Women

nuckily womens cycling clothes

Looking for activewear designed specifically for women? These short-sleeved jersey jackets are worth checking out! Buy it now while it’s on sale at 22% off!

Cycling Protective Mask

protective face mask

Protect yourself from inhaling dirt and pollutants with this face mask! It features a replaceable activated carbon filter and is breathable on both sides to reduce breathing resistance. It’s super soft and comfy too! Buy some now while they’re on sale at 19% off!

Men Bike Padded Shorts

padded cycling shorts

Padded biking shorts make all the difference in making your ride much more comfortable and efficient, helping you ride much faster and longer. It can also help absorb shock and vibrations when biking along rough surfaces and asphalt, protecting you from possible pain. Buy them now while they’re on sale at 44% off!

UV Protection Arm Sleeves

arm sleeves

Sunblock can only do so much when you’re biking under the hot sun for a long time. Arm sleeves can help combat the harmful UV rays and keep your exposed skin protected. Buy them now while they’re on sale at 41% off!

Absorbent Cycling Knee pads

cycling kneepads

Make sure you protect your knees from potential crashes on rocky terrains and bike parks by wearing kneepads! Choose ones that are ultra-lightweight and breathable if you’re just casually biking and those that are shock-absorbent soft-and-hardshell hybrids if you’re a hardcore cyclist. Buy them now for only 154 pesos!

Cycling Socks

cycling socks

It’s important to know that even the type of socks you wear is essential for a cozy bike ride. Cycling socks are thin and fit snugly on your feet, and are also made of wicking, quick-dry materials to minimize discomfort as your feet sweat. Buy them now while they’re on sale for only 80 pesos a pair!

Cycling Caps

cycling cap

Cycling caps are not only stylish, but they’re also essential for keeping the rain, sweat, and harsh sunlight out of your eyes. Complete your outdoor look with the style of your choice! Buy it now while it’s on sale at 38% off!

Quick Dry Anti-UV Cycling Cap

cycling cap quick dry

This particular cap is soft, breathable, skin-friendly, lightweight, and elastic, plus is moisture-wicking and quick-dry. Buy one now while it’s on sale for only 67 pesos!



This thin jacket offers you a great deal of protection come rain or shine but is still breathable enough for you to cycle outdoors comfortably. Get it now while it’s on sale at 41% off!

Outdoor Goggles

mountain bike goggles

Mountain bike goggles are a must-have for protecting your eyes from dust, bugs, debris, wind, soil, water, UV rays, and–most especially–potential protrusions during accidents. This particular one is lightweight and difficult to break so it’ll surely last you a long time! Buy them now while they’re on sale for only 122 pesos!

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