Cookie Butter Philippines: Your Source for Imported Treats You’ll Definitely Enjoy

WHEN IN MANILA, cookie butter spreads are all the rage nowadays. I’ve been hearing people rave about it from left to right and wondering where to get a jar of the beloved cookie butter. Thanks to Cookie Butter Philippines, the number one source for everything cookie butter is here to answer to all your cookie butter cravings.



(Php 450)

After tasting a spoonful of the Speculoos Cookie Butter, I understood why Filipinos are going loco over this spread. What a wonderful alternative to the usual peanut butter and jam.



(Php 350)

Apart from selling the cookie butter spread, Cookie Butter Philippines also sells the source of the Cookie Butter goodness: the Speculoos Cookies! Every bite delivers the goodness of the Cookie Butter Spread. Cookie Butter Philippines’s Speculoos Cookies are perfect for an afternoon tea with friends.




Although I’m a huge lover of hot fudge, caramel is still my go to sauce for my desserts. I love drizzling Cookie Butter Philippines’s Caramel Sauce on my apples, brownies, and vanilla ice cream! It definitely amps up the flavor of any ordinary dessert.



 (Php 480)

While most Filipinos are going crazy for the Speculoos Cookie Butter spread, I am going crazy for Lotus Biscoff Spread. What I love about Cookie Butter Philippines’s Lotus Biscoff Spread is the richness and consistency in flavor. Lotus Biscoff Spread is definitely my go to spread for my sandwich fix!



 (Php 350)

Like the Speculoos Cookies, the Lotus Biscoff Spread also comes from Lotus Biscoff Cookies. I am so addicted to this I can gobble up the whole pack in under 30 minutes.


So if you’re craving for Cookie Butter, Biscoff, or any other treats you wouldn’t normally find in the country, check out Cookie Butter Philippines for imported treats your taste buds will surely enjoy WHEN IN MANILA.


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Cookie Butter Philippines: Your Source for Imported Treats You’ll Definitely Enjoy



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