Confessions of a Magic 899 Addicted Listener

Confessions of a Magic 899 Addicted Listener

Which radio station do you listen to most in the greater Metro Manila area?

Among our readers, it seems that there is one station that stands out the most!

Below is a confession of a Magic 899 addicted listener:


A magic trick is never seen, it is watched, it is viewed. We stop. We look closely, observing, wondering, completely immersed in the experience. We stand there, witnesses, knowing there is a scientific explanation, a practical solution to the puzzle. But it is not the physics of it that we wish to understand. It is the experience that we desire to be part of.

Similarly, Magic 89.9 is never a passerby sound. It is never just in the background. Most radio stations deliver news, talk about happenings, and discuss entertainment. Not at the Magic. There, the station is the event. They are what’s happening. And people never absorb anything by chance.

They pay attention, knowing that it is no trick, no hidden secret up a sleeve. They are fully aware that for this magic act, the bunny in the hat is just as important as the people watching, wondering where it went.

Proudly waving the Magic flag, singing Today’s Best Music from the top of their lungs is the most-followed lineup of DJs on the FM band. A collection of diverse, multi-talented individuals who are prominent everywhere, from radio speakers to TV screens, from sports sidelines to magazine covers and everywhere in between.

They epitomize the new generation of radio personalities: equal parts DJ and multimedia influencer. Sportscasters, journalists, recording artists, TV hosts, all without question calling themselves “Magic Jock first, everything else second.”

The domination for the Magic extends from the airwaves to the web as well. An absolute force on social media, @magic899 is the most-followed radio station on Twitter, Facebook, is growing at a ridiculously rapid rate on Instagram and is forced to conduct regular server checks due to high traffic over the website

These statistics, together with Magic’s state-of-the-art multi-line phone system and nationwide reach, only prove that the Magic family begins and ends not with the DJs or the management, but with the listeners who are as much a part of the station than the mouths talking on the mics and the fingers pressing the buttons. Interactive, inclusive. Generations of people have grown up with Magic. Being a Magic listener has become a family heirloom, a tradition passed down, a value taught and imparted.

Much like the grandest of magic acts, Magic 89.9 is never heard. It is never casually enjoyed. Magic is listened to. People stop. And pay attention. Sure, there’s a science to the wonder, there’s physics to the spectacle, but what matters is the experience. What matters is being part of it. Because no other act is worth seeing, and no other station is worth being a part of and a witness to.

Magic 89.9 is the caviar of radio. It is the sportscar of FM. It is the jet plane of entertainment. Only everyone can afford it. Everyone already owns it. The people have spoken. The people have listened. And they do so everyday, demanding only Today’s Best.

Everything’s Magic. Everyone’s Magic.

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