CondoHotels: Affordable Living in Manila for Expats, Vacationers and Temporary Visitors

When in Manila, balikbayans usually stay in 1 of 2 places when they come home for vacation. They either stay with family or at an expensive hotel with higher standards for international travelers.

Staying with family is a disaster due to lack of privacy and lack of mobility. Yes it’s free but you end up spending more money because of the constant built in entourage that comes with it. International hotels on the other hand, will cost anywhere from 0 to 0 a night depending on the size, views, and amenities.

It is a waste because you are hardly there and barely use the state of the art gym to justify the cost. The solution to this problem is a condohotel.

I will use my Rockwell Joya studio that I personally manage as an example for this discussion. It is a great location across the street from the country’s safest and best hang out, the Powerplant Mall. No need to waste your time giving directions or sitting in traffic. Just tell your friends your staying at Rockwell and stroll right to your gimmick.

My studio comes with extras that hotels charge additional for like wifi internet connection and dvd player with recent local and Hollywood titles. It comes with one assigned parking space so your visitors have a secure place to park in Makati. You have the advantages of staying at a 5 star hotel at a fraction of the cost. Avoid that relative that always gets their wallet stolen on their way to see you unannounced. When in Manila, you can now have the best of both worlds with regards to your accomodations.

Pros and Cons to CondoHotels:


-availability is limited because condo owners only have 1 or 2 condos so reserve early or avoid peak season

-you maybe dealing with third party property managers or local relatives so consistency and reliability maybe an issue, so go with a condohotel that has a good reputation and avoid these property manager family members that will make up expenses while your checking out to hold on to your security deposit

-most condohotels require at least a one week stay to spread out the turnover costs

-there is no daily housekeeping but I do not mind picking up after myself to save money


-you save a lot of money that you can allocate towards a more enjoyable vacation

-it has a kitchen so you have the option of buying and preparing your own meals because you don’t need to eat out 3 to 4 times a day

-you have the convenience of using local laundry mat to local restaurants that will deliver and pick up right to your door at local prices

-security is better because you are the only one that has access to your room


Joya Studio Walkthrough

Urban Zone Episode

Joya Rockwell Scene

Joya Studio Testimonial

Joya Studio Parking (B3-221)

Rockwell Joya Studio Rates,Terms, and contact info:

first come first serve


Rates: Mention When In Manila and get the lower corresponding rate
$49/day for 1 month stay
$55/day for 3 week stay
$59/day for 2 week stay
$69/day for 1 week stay
$79/day for less than 7 days
$99/day for less than 4 days

A $200 security deposit is required to reserve

Until security deposit is confirmed, available dates are subject to change without notice You can use Visa, Mastercard or debit card via safe and secure transaction with Western Union, Paypal, or bank transfer.

Full cash payment is due at check in and $200 security deposit is returned during check out just as long as nothing is missing or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

I will be waiting at the Joya south lobby at your scheduled time of arrival to meet with you.

no pets or smoking

Please let me know if you have additional questions or interested in reserving available dates.

owner: Mark
US number: (714)927-7419
Globe: 0 915 444 8749
Smart: 0 929 554 9924

 CondoHotels Philippines: Affordable Living in Manila for Expats, Vacationers and Temporary Visitors


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