Concerned Citizen Teaches Us How to Improve the Country in Two Minutes

We all wish the Philippines was in a better state. We all wish there was less traffic, less pollution, nicer streets, cleaner establishments, etc. Unfortunately, mostly everyone just “wishes” for these things to come true without really doing anything concrete to change the current state we are in.

Luckily, there are still several people like Edwin Soriano who chooses to do something to start a change.

How to Change the Country

“I was at BPI Pateros today. As I lined up at the ATM, I saw how other customers just throw their receipts on the floor.

I felt “We are better than this!”

Sometimes I feel as if we’ve learned to just accept the Philippines the way it is. All the traffic, the trash, the inefficiencies. It’s such a waste especially when WE (you and I) CAN do something about it.

I expect better from myself and from fellow-Filipinos.

I picked up a broom nearby and swept. And viola! Clean floor!

I showed the photos to the bank manager. At first he explained: “Tuwing gabi kasi ninanakaw ang basurahan namin, eh.” (It’s because people steal our trashcans at night)

I shared: “Kapag pabaya ang bangko, pabaya din ang tao.” (If the bank is careless, the people will be careless too)

His face lit up. “Oo nga sir, kung makalat na, mas madaling magkalat. Kung malinis na, mas madaling panatilihing malinis.” (You’re right, if it’s already messy, it’s easier to make things messier. If it’s already clean, it’s also easier to maintain)

How to improve the country in two minutes: Expect better from ourselves, expect better from our countrymen. Take ACTION!”

The act is nothing more than a kind gesture. A simple act of picking up garbage where it isn’t supposed to be. Yet, many of us refuse to do this. In fact, many still prefer to just litter than hold on to garbage because they feel it’s a “hassle.” Picking up garbage or the mere fact of throwing it in its rightful place is an act of responsibility many of us fail to remember. If only more people could be as responsible as Edwin, then our country could slowly get better. Remember, the change starts with YOU!

So how do you change the country in two minutes? TAKE ACTION and Start a change.

What do you think of Edwin’s gesture and simple idea? Do you agree?


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