Concerned Citizen Takes Shocking Photos of Road Condition in Macapagal Avenue

Traffic in Manila has continued to worsen, and no one is happy about it. The traffic even gets 10x worse during rush hour or rainy days. More than just the amount of cars doubling, another cause of traffic are the broken roads and impassable streets. Not only does it cause flood, it can also cause major accidents.

Andrea O., a concerned citizen sent in these photos of what Macapagal Avenue looks like today.

“I just wanna report that our road here in Macapagal is in really bad shape. 3 meter wide potholes around 6 inches deep scatter around the stretch from Mall of Asia to Coastal Mall. Commuters and drivers a like are really suffering. I hope you can help me get this news to the right people.





Driving on an even road with all the other cars is difficult enough, having potholes this big just makes things worse. We do hope the road gets fixed as soon as possible to prevent any accidents.

Do you pass along this busy road to?

How was your experience?