Community Dedicates Giant Mural To Hardworking and Beloved Street Vendor

Muniandi, a vendor who sells fresh bread off his motorbike, has been passing through the town of Balik Pulau in Malaysia for 3 decades. He has made ties with the people, talked to them on a daily basis, and seen them grow over the course of 30 years. In return, he is remembered fondly by many and is even considered a “legend” which is something the town wished to cement by immortalizing him in his very own mural.

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Acit Raman Abdullah and Andhar A Samah, two street artists, collaborated together to bring this idea to life. The tribute was borne out of a respect for Muniandi’s work ethic and dedication to his job. But it was only after the mural was presented to Muniandi that people began to appreciate how truly hard-working this man is.

roti vendor

Photos Courtesy of Acit

A Facebook post from his daughter, ML MV, described the diligence and care Muniandi puts into his labor. She explained that he would rise at 8:30 am daily only to return home at noon in order to work on the farm. Muniandi would only take a short 30-minute break after tending to the farm then he would continue his sales until finishing his supply late at night.

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On his days off, his daughter shares, he would continue work by accomplishing some farming chores. According to her, Muniandi “is a human-robot that doesn’t need a charger.” And it was exactly this quality of commitment which put his children through schooling and allowed them to achieve futures as a doctor, lawyer, and engineer.

Even now, at the age of 56 and living with osteoarthritis, Muniandi continues to soldier on.

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