Cole Sprouse Just Gave Dylan A Bizarre Christmas Gift

We love seeing Dylan and Cole Sprouse banter with each other on Twitter. It’s pretty much like seeing Zack and Cody all grown up, only they’re making some pretty inappropriate jokes Disney wouldn’t approve of.

In the latest episode of The Suite Life — er, the Sprouse twins’ social media antics, fans have learned that apparently, Cole just gave Dylan a rather interesting Christmas present, with Cole writing on Twitter: “Dylan didn’t like his Christmas gift.” And judging from the photo, it’s not hard to see why: the Riverdale star just gave his twin a poster of an anatomically correct illustration of a penis.

Even better, however, was the text exchange between the brothers. As Dylan (understandably) asked what he would do with his bizarre Christmas present, Cole provided the most hilarious solution: to hang it in his study. But of course.

Here’s hoping Dylan gets Cole a weird present back for all of Twitter to see.

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