Coco & Toffee: These Tech Accessories Will Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

I don’t know when I started using nothing but Apple products; but when I did, I realized that my gadgets all looked like every other Apple patron out there.  I was just another clone with the same sleek design and Apple logo. Aside from that, the protection either comes at too high a price or in designs that are too boring. Yes, you can buy cases with cute designs for low prices at a tiangge, but most of the time they aren’t made of good quality and could even potentially damage your gadgets.


Coco & Toffee’s Marble iPad and iPhone skins. *heart eyes emoji*


Their laptop sleeves will keep your gadgets and cases in check!

A lot of the time, I’m left with the dilemma of finding that sweet spot for accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing AND actually do a good job of keeping my gadgets safe and scratch-free. Well, listen up, because you might just find the thing to protect your Apple gadgets.

Coco & Toffee is an online shop that caters to all things pretty and protective. We discovered them back in 2014, and today, we are still commending them on their quality and unique designs. They’ve grown to sell more then just Macbook cases now, as well, also providing Macbook skins, iPhone skins, laptop sleeves, decals, and more!  Their products are of really good quality and the best part is that they have trendy and chika-worthy designs.



This pretty marble case motivated me to finish all of my articles.

This marble case has made my laptop stand out with its unique take on the up-and-coming marble aesthetic trend.  The marble design has always been a very classy look for home interiors – who knew it could look this good on a laptop, too? It has definitely gotten noticed by my classmates and even my professor; I can tell you that much.

The case feels really sturdy and the design is distinctive enough to make a mark on anyone. Coco & Toffee also offers the same good quality and interesting designs for its other products. Their iPhone skins are made of 3M vinyl, which is definitely the way to go if you want to keep your phone scratch-free, but without the added weight of bulky cases.  No need to worry about leaving the back of your phone feeling sticky after using it, either, because it doesn’t leave any residue and can be re-used up to 3 times!


Carefully putting the case in my bag because I know a lot of you wanna cop it! 😉

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You could win this trendy iPhone skin!

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