Climax: A Band with a Purpose

Climax, n.

1. The highest or most intense point in the development of something.

2. A decisive moment in the plot of a dramatic or literary work.


Climax 3


An unexpected name for a band (though nowadays everything’s so unpredictable), Climax is just as its meaning could mean. With every song this band plays, they always have to have a “climax” to it.


Climax 2


Their formation can be traced way back to April 2013. Climax started as a duo (with Max Guerrero and Kem Alia for the vocals and guitar, respectively) doing acoustic gigs until bassist (Norman Perailla) and drummer (Stanley Seludo) eventually joined and completed the group. There was instant chemistry. A band with a purpose was born.

Then enter Musikaramay. Musikaramay is Street Music for a cause, where they play in the streets. All the money that they get from their stint goes to a charity. They act as superheroes that help people not with supernatural powers, but with genuine love and compassion for others. It’s also the superhero belief that reasons the vocalist in a mask.


Climax 1 

The very first gig they did was at the MRT Boni station and two blind musicians were the recipients of their good cause. With music influences from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars and John Mayer, they drew a crowd and had an awesome time as they are able to help and perform for an audience.

So far, some groups that they have helped are the Bohol Earthquake victims, the rehabilitation of Zamboanga children, the Typhoon Yolanda victims, kids with cancer, and the Aeta community in Mayantoc, Tarlac.

Following their passion while touching lives, Climax is definitely a band to watch out for.



Twitter/Instagram: @musiclimax2013