Claudine Barretto Reacts to Her Viral ‘ASAP’ Moment

Like all actors and actresses, Claudine Barretto once experienced embarrassing herself on live television way back in the past. And thanks to recent events that made the Barretto family the center of nationwide attention, netizens have unearthed the clip of Claudine’s slipup on ASAP Mania in 2003.

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In the video, Claudine was descending the stairs to the center of the stage while hosting when she suddenly tripped and said a curse word on the microphone.

Claudine was made to rewatch the viral clip during her guesting on Jeepney TV’s “Showbiz Pa More” and was asked to explain what happened at the time.

Tao lang po, nagmumura rin, ‘di ba (I’m human, I curse too, right)?” Claudine jokingly said in defense.

She also shared that she approached ASAP director Johnny Manahan afterward in order to explain herself. But luckily enough, he decided to brush off the incident.

Pumunta ako sa booth ni Mister M. Tawa siya nang tawa. Akala ko masu-suspend ako ng MTRCB. Thank God, hindi. Pero at least masasabi ko nauna ako sa YouTube,” she shared.

(“I went to the booth of Mister M. He kept laughing. I thought I would be suspended by the MTRCB. Thank God I wasn’t. But at least I can say that I was first on YouTube.”)

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“At least makikita talaga yung totoong Claudine,” she continued. “Siguro kapag nangyari rin sa inyo nu’n, ‘yun rin ang masasabi niyo minsan. ‘Yun lang ang maganda kasi wala akong image so na-accept naman ng tao.”

(“At least you’ll see the real Claudine. Maybe if that happened to you, you’ll say that [the curse word] as well. What’s good is that I had no image prior to that so everyone just accepted it.”)

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