Civic Duty: Amp up Any Outfit to the Max with Paper Sneakers!

WHEN IN MANILA, it’s almost impossible to stay stylish, feel comfortable, and at the same time save Mother Earth. A few months ago, I saw my block mate rocking a pair of sneakers that are made out of believe it or not…paper. Since then paper sneakers have always been bugging my thoughts. Last week I told myself I’ve had it. I have to know more about those paper sneakers and I have to let my When In Manila readers know of this fabulous phenomenon.

Civic Duty, the cause of this fabulous phenomenon, is a new line of shoes that takes pride in using Tyvek paper in making their sneakers. It’s super stylish with the crumpled effect on every pair, it’s comfy, and the best part of it all? It’s totally waterproof!

Among all the unique Civic Duty sneakers designs here are my top 3!

image 1

(Php 2990)





Whilst many dub the white sneaker as “The Classic,” for me a black sneaker is my classic sneaker staple. Its comfy, goes with anything in my wardrobe plus it never gets dirty. But what would make a black sneaker even more special is by upgrading it to a pair of Civic Duty Fascination in black. I’ve upgraded…have you?


(Php 2990)




While I prefer my sneakers a bit masculine, my mom prefers the more feminine one. She’s fallen head over heels in love with Civic Duty’s Exhilaration in paper bag. It even has a garter inside allowing you to wear your sneakers as a slip on.

 image 3

(Php 3490)




My favorite among the bunch, Civic Duty’s Sensation in metal grey spells edgy all over. The style, the cut, and the crumpled effect are so U-N-I-Q-U-E. This pair is for showstoppers that are not afraid to be the talk of the town and is definitely not for the faint hearted.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Civic Duty and amp up any outfit to the max with paper sneakers WHEN IN MANILA.

Civic Duty


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Civic Duty: Amp up Any Outfit to the Max with Paper Sneakers!




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