City of Dreams Macau – 11 Things That Got Me Excited for City of Dreams Manila

6. The Piece de Resistance of City of Dreams Macau, The House of Dancing Water


Despite already having watched two different and equally amazing shows at The City of Dreams Macau; we were still psyched to check out The House of Dancing Water. After all, it is known as the piece de resistance of the place.


City of Dreams, Macau Shows House of Dancing Water


A production by Franco Dragone Entertainment Group, this water-based show is absolutely breathtaking. Bringing together both worlds of the East and the West, this show stands out way above the rest for reasons that every child, gamer, hopeless romantic and lover of adventure is sure to love.


City of Dreams, Macau Shows House of Dancing Water


For starters, it incorporates water… lots of it. Just watching the actors dive from massive heights into the depths of the pool of the theatre and then watching that same pool turn into actual solid ground for acrobats to do stunts on, for ballerinas to prance upon and even for motorcycles to do stunts on was incredible in itself.


City of Dreams, Macau Shows House of Dancing Water


Aside from that, the show also incorporates the best factors of the fantasy world and the emotional world. There are pirates, skulls, heroes, villains, sidekicks, robbers, torture chambers, contortionists, live musicians, and of course, there is the centre of the entire story: true love.

The show takes physical performance to ultimate heights through combat, wit, creativity, agility and awesomeness. An outstanding show that is an absolute must-see for everyone in the City of Dreams. If there is any show that I would spend good money on to watch over and over again, it would be this one. While it may be a long shot to see this show in The City of Dreams Manila since it was specially made for this location, it is the one I am hoping for the most.


City of Dreams, Macau Shows House of Dancing Water

The theatre contains a pool that holds up to 3.7 million gallons of water (which is more than 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools) and uses around 400 costumes and 15,000 individual pieces of Swarovski crystals over the course of the show. They have received numerous awards and honours and if I mattered enough, I would give them one myself.

Ticket prices for The House of Dancing Water range from HKD406 (Php2,290) to HKD1,580 (Php8,911), depending on your age, date of visit and choice of seats.


5. Shopping (or, well, Window Shopping) at The Boulevard

Let me just say this straight up: the shops at The Boulevard are expensive. We’re talking high end brands here: Armani Jeans, Bally, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Loewe, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch, Saint Laurent Paris, etc. So, to mix things up a bit and to experience shopping here as best as we could, we decided to do the next best thing that our wallets could actually afford: window shopping.

The best part? Our window shopping experience was led by Mr. Charles Bell, who did his research beforehand and knew exactly what each of us dreamed of in our hearts. So, despite not having the resources to make our dreams come true, we were led across this shopping paradise in the heart of City of Dreams Macau to experience it to the fullest.

“I believe you consider yourself a princess,” Charles said pertaining to my Instagram tagline (@lilmisswonderwoman). “Let me show you something I think you might like.”


City of Dreams, Macau The Boulevard


Off to Bulgari we went where he showed me the magnificent Diva jewellery set inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, which was clearly made to make my heart melt. It was exquisite and being able to try on the set was enough to almost make me cry (as captured below).


City of Dreams, Macau The Boulevard


It is unbecoming of a princess to cry, though, so I held it in. :p

The shops at The Boulevard house the latest in haute couture, accessories, premium beauty product, exquisite timepieces and digital devices, making it the perfect place to shop for anything your heart could possibly desire.


City of Dreams, Macau The Boulevard

Be it an it-goes-with-anything Gucci bag.

City of Dreams, Macau The Boulevard

The perfect outfit for the rainy season at Burberry.

City of Dreams, Macau The Boulevard

The only timepiece you could possibly ever need by Jaeger Le Coultre.

City of Dreams, Macau The Boulevard

Or even geeky stuff at DC Comics Super Heroes.  


The Shops at The Boulevard provide the ultimate entertainment, dining, pampering and shopping experience, and shouldn’t be dismissed despite the hefty price tags in most of the stores.


4. Bumming Around Soho


Soho is a name known to many. In Hong Kong, New York and London; Soho means style, fashion fun and excitement – and it isn’t any different at The City of Dreams Macau. Since every major city in the world has a Soho, it is only fitting that the biggest place in Macau has one, too.


City of Dreams, Macau Soho


Soho in City of Dreams Macau offers a kaleidoscope of amazing food, social places to meet and drink, and other bits of entertainment, including Instagram-worthy walls and flash mobs, ultimately elevating the dining and entertainment level in the City of Dreams to the next level.

Regardless of what kind of cuisine you prefer, Soho has something for you, all while bringing together the colourful facets of city life into one particular hub. There are 16 different restaurants and bars here so far, making it the perfect place to chill out with your family and friends, or even alone.


City of Dreams, Macau Soho

Need some alone time? You can work or read a book in Soho.

City of Dreams, Macau Soho

They have a sports bar where you can grab a few drinks and chill with your friends…

City of Dreams, Macau Soho

…and even watch your choice of sports games while you’re at it.

City of Dreams, Macau Soho

Check out this cool area for Japanese food.

City of Dreams, Macau Soho

And the gorgeous artwork all over the area.


3. High Roller Gambling at The Casino


 If you’re a gambler, then you might want to check out their casino, as well. Although with higher minimum bets than I am accustomed to, the casino at City of Dreams Macau has all of the games you could possibly want to play at a casino. If you don’t want to spend any money, then just walk around and watch other people play. Learn a new game or two while you’re at it. Or just try your luck at the slots machines. Coz, well, why not? Just make sure you know your limit and when to walk away. 😉


City of Dreams, Macau Casino


2. Selfie-Taking Everywhere


City of Dreams Macau is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been to. The sights aside, though, they also have a lot of mirror-y surfaces that we bloggers took full advantage of. As you can see below:


City of Dreams, Macau Selfies

City of Dreams, Macau Selfies

Okay, fine. So that’s an actual mirror. But still.

City of Dreams, Macau Selfies

You’ll see us in this picture if you look closely enough, I swear.

City of Dreams, Macau Soho

We also spotted this photo wall in Soho. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the English version to work…

City of Dreams, Macau Soho

…so we snapped a picture of our souvenir photo on the photo wall instead.

Hello to our amazing Macau team! I miss you all already! 🙁


1. Relaxing at the Hotel 


Take it from me: when staying in the City of Dreams, it can be easy to forget the most basic of things, like the place where you are actually staying at. Haha. However, at the end of the day – after all of the shows and the food and the walking and the fun – that’s where you will end up, so make sure you make the most of it.


City of Dreams, Macau Hotel


Yes, work a little if you must. Watch a bit of TV. But don’t forget to prance around in your underwear with your favorite music playing on full blast, drink a few drinks and take that much-needed bubble bath, either. And if you’re with a special someone, don’t forget to cuddle up and just be grateful for everything that you have. 🙂


City of Dreams, Macau Hotel


Please take note that there are no guarantees that any of these things will find themselves in City of Dreams Manila… But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Besides, even if they don’t, the mere thought that something as marvellous and as grand as City of Dreams Macau will make itself to Manila soon is definitely something to look forward to and be excited about I personally can’t wait to see what City of Dreams Manila will have to offer us! But for now… maybe I’ll take another side trip to Macau. (Again… dreams… sigh.)



City of Dreams Macau


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City of Dreams Manila


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City of Dreams Macau – 11 Things That Have Got Me Excited for City of Dreams Manila