CIIT: Unleashing the creative code in you!

When in Manila, if you’re looking for a great place to bring out the creative code in you or to make the most out of creativity that you already have, don’t look too much further, there’s a school in Quezon City that offers quality courses yet affordable.  Located in the heart of QC is CIIT– College of Arts and Technology, in this school for the arts, definitely you won’t go wrong.

As a photography hobbyist, I have been searching for short term courses to put more value to my images.  So, my goal is to find reputable  and affordable schools where I can attend adobe Photoshop courses/trainings/workshops since most of  the courses from known universities are quite expensive and do not fit my work schedules. 

Great thing was when I found out from our managing editor about a great school set up to fit the needs of artist-to-be, I excitedly enrol on their 1-day Adobe Photoshop workshop. 




The workshop schedule started from 9 AM until 6 PM.  When everyone was still in their deep sleep, yeah early morning on a  Sunday,  what do you expect.  But me, I was so wide awake and excited to attend my first Adobe Photoshop 1-day training. 

I am a huge fan of people who give so much love in the field of art, it can be from the world of photography, painting, music, video making, web designing, graphic designs, and the list continues.

Photoshop is a common word from all walks of life, though it has a negative connotation to many.  One of the few reasons would be due to over and misusing the art of Photoshop.  Generally, too much of something isn’t good at all.

This underscores the reason why learning from the masters are essential to know the dos and dont’s in Photoshop.




Photoshop if  used properly and creatively, it can create beautiful images and designs.  Photoshop is something I highly recommend for everyone.  It is a massive playgound where it pushes your creativity at its core.   It is a wonderful tool for so many artists to express and enhance fully  their works of art. 

To give you a background of CIIT based on their website:

Established in 2008, CIIT provides Multimedia Arts & Information Technology education that is crafted to equip its students with relevant skills that ensure great careers after graduation. It is the brainchild of Mr. Niel Dagondon, CIIT’s current president, and also the founder of Anino Games, the country’s first and largest game development firm.




CIIT is one of the few colleges to offer a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Arts with a choice of specialization in Graphics Design, 3D Visualization or Video and Motion Graphics. Despite the diversity of services, CIIT continues to remain true to its core – to provide the best industry-based education by getting leading industry practitioners as instructors, aided by the latest appropriate equipment and software.

Now, visit their website to know more about the school and its courses, and find out how you can be a part of CIIT’s creative campus.


My First Photoshop Training Experience

This Photoshop training class provides an introduction to editing, retouching, and enhancing images. Learn essential skills including how to make selective changes, color correct, and retouch your images. This Photoshop training, though it is only a one day training but it gives you a great start to be more productive and create quality images.

From start to end, I heard a lot of “Aha moments” from colleagues.   At first I found it so funny, but eventually I heard myself unintentionally saying  these “Aha expressions” too.  Haha.  It came generously due to overwhelming knowledge we were getting from a 1-day workshop.




It was so much fun!  Our lecturer, Sir Norman is one of the masters in Graphic Designs, he imparted enough information for us to start appreciating the art and beauty of Photoshop.

So, time to end those lazy and boring weekends  at home,  there are bunch of reasons to make our weekend full of colors and creativity!  Now is your chance to finally discover your potential in the field of arts, programming and designs. 




When in Manila, time to turn on that creative code in you, hang out at one of the newest and coolest schools that offers quality yet affordable great Arts and IT courses, make CIIT your favorite hangout place to learn, discover and be one of the best artists in town, or even worldwide!



CIIT – College of Arts and Technology

5/F CTTM Square Bldg., Timog corner Tomas Morato, 1100 Quezon City

Facebook Page: CIIT facebook page:

+632 411 1196 / +632 441 0737






CIIT: Unleashing the creative code in you!