CHROMA Music Festival 2.0: The Biggest and Grandest Color Music Festival in the Philippines


Last year was the first Chroma Music Festival and I had the pleasure of attending it. I was excited about what I was about to experience, as I knew I was embarking on my most eclectic, and wordily, music festival experience to date.

CHROMA MUSIC FESTIVAL ORGANIZERS: ‘We Never Thought We Would Get to This Point’

“For one month, Chroma sounds the way we want it to sound,” says STRIX INC Founder Danz Hipolito who heads the event’s production.

Chroma Music Festival 2.0 will be Chroma’s second installment and has already released its Date and Venue together with its full local line up. It’s going to be on April 8, 2016 at Globe Circuit Event Grounds. Zombettes, David Callum, Cathy Frey, MC Boo and MC Victor Pring together with Head Hunterz as one of their international artists are among the acts in a packed line-up expected to draw a crowd to match last year’s record 26,000 attendance.

“We are very aware that when we are selling a ticket for Chroma we are selling Manila as well,” says Hipolito, who puts the number of attendees who come from outside Manila at almost 30 percent.

Aside from Mr. Hipolito we also had a chance to talk to their Marketing Director Benik Angeles at StrixInc’s office in Eastwood City.

Chroma Music Festival has gained a reputation as the Philippine’s best and grandest color music festival. What makes it stand out?

DanzHipolito: Chroma Music Festival was born with the idea of being different and we like to think that it could still be more different in every year.

BenikMonterola: We want every edition to be revelatory. Each year will be different from the last. We are never scared of trying innovative ideas.

This year’s lineup is very different from last year’s. Can you describe what motivated that change?

DanzHipolito: We are trying to help build touring careers, we are careful to limit creating too much competition within a single edition but also across editions. It’s also a product of who applies, and sometimes current events.

BenikMonterola: We aim for a diversity of styles, in terms of sound, cultural background, size, gender, place in their career and so on.

How do you choose your headliners?

DanzHipolito: As you can see, we don’t really go for the mainstream ones. Since we are just starting yet, I want Chroma to grow gradually. One step at a time. I don’t want to be appreciated because of who or what we have instead I want everything we have to be loved because of us and still rooting to give everyone not only what they want but the best festival they could ever have.

Why did you feel as if Globe Circuit Event Grounds was the best venue for this type of festival?


It would be great to have a venue that allowed us to grow the audience, but at the same time, the vibes in Globe Circuit Event Grounds are so great, that we would need a very special new venue that could function as well and maintain the CHROMA VIBE.

What do you want festival-goers to take away from CHROMA 2017?

DanzHipolito: We’d love for festival goers to discover some new favorite artists, as well as an appreciation of the diversity and creativity coming from all corners of the globe.

BenikMonterola: Chroma 2017 will not just be a festival, Chroma 2.0 is designed to be a summer event that infuses colors and dance music as its thematic elements. It will be a great platform for artists to collaborate and network.

Any surprises attendees can expect at Chroma Music Festival this year?

DanzHipolito:I believe there will be more surprises every year at Chroma… just keep your eyes open! Aside from colored powder, we’re going to put more elements on the event next year! SEE YOU AT THE BIGGEST AND GRANDEST COLOR MUSIC FESTIVAL IN THE PHILIPPINES ON APRIL 2017!