Christophe Bariou Shares Journey to Becoming Vegan With Nadine Lustre

Christophe Bariou is proud of his choice to transition into a vegan lifestyle along with his girlfriend, Nadine Lustre. In a lengthy post on Instagram, he talked about his vegan journey and what inspired him to embrace this lifestyle.

“‘What inspired you to become vegan?’ Frankly, there are only good reasons to choose non-violence and go vegan. You can do it for your health, budget, or the environment, but in the end, what makes it a lifelong change & motivation is the love and compassion we all feel for animals,” he wrote.

Bariou said he learned that the animal industry is “silently one of the biggest threats to humankind” and he couldn’t handle contributing to it by consuming them. In this post, he also uploaded a video of himself and Lustre interacting with animals.


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He continued, “I realize that even if, once upon a time, we were dependent on animals and we grew as a species by exploiting them, this is now all irrelevant. We are literally just killing animals for fun, as in taste/sensory pleasure, sometimes under the cover of gastronomy, culture or habits.”

Bariou emphasized the importance of the lives of animals and acknowledged that consuming them is not humans’ fault.

“The industry is trying to confuse us by debating ‘animal welfare’ & making us forget about these atrocities by selling ‘grass-fed,’ ‘organic,’ ‘free-range’ & the most cynical of all, ‘humanely killed’ animals,” he added.

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Photo: Christophe Bariou

He concluded his post by raising awareness of love and compassion for animals and encouraged his followers to learn about animal agriculture through his videos.

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The comments section was filled with praises from fellow vegans and animal lovers as well as curious netizens asking about vegan diets.

Bariou and Lustre have been vocal about advocating for animal rights and their vegan lifestyle.

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