Chris Lao Commercial: Christopher Lao Now Informed with BPI Car and Flood Insurance

When In Manila and performing the biggest blunder of your life, like say… driving your car through waist deep flood waters then freaking out about it on live television…. then there’s only one thing left to do…. CASH OUT!




Christopher Lao (Chris Lao) turned into a household name as his blunder, caught on camera, turned into a viral video! Chris Lao’s video gained hundreds of thousands of views in mere minutes and soon made him the talk of the town!


If you haven’t seen the original video of Chris Lao, you can check it out here –


Followed by the meme of pictures and crazy funny responses that people gave after that streak of bad decisions that Chris Lao made –


Anyway, Chris Lao finally got smart and did the thing I was saying he should have done from the get-go… CASH OUT!


Here he is getting as the new endorser in his very first Chris Lao commercial:





Christopher Lao strikes again but this time the flood reaches his parked car.

It is a case of acts of nature. But again he complains he wasn’t informed.



He’s reenacting the crazy flood circumstances he had to go through, of course with horrible acting skills and an even worse supporting cast. But it gets the point across… only to end with a BPI logo and contact info.


“BPI Family Auto Loan – FREE INSURANCE with Acts of Nature Coverage


Apparently this YouTube spoof video of Christopher Lao, starring Christopher Lao is actually an ad with high potential of becoming viral!


Slow clap for BPI and slow clap for Chris Lao! Way to go dude! It’s nice to see that he could now laugh at himself… and why not make some extra $$$ on the side while doing it! 


When In Manila, time to get yourself viral by making sure all your idiotic moments are caught on camera! Also, if you were one of the Chris Lao haters… time to show him some love too for his newfound success and internet fame! Don’t hate the playa…. hate the gaaaaameee….


Chris Lao Commercial: Christopher Lao Now Informed with BPI Car and Flood Insurance


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