Chowking’s Siomai Chao Fan is Going Viral Right Now – Here’s Why

Chowking is currently going viral across all social media platforms and being glued to social media, we needed to find out why.

Photo from Chowking

Here’s Why Chowking’s Siomai Chao Fan is Going Viral Right Now

After scouring through various posts, it seems that everyone is raving about the new and improved #SmokeyWokSarap taste of Chowking’s Siomai Chao Fan.

This well-loved dish went back to its Chinese roots, highlighting the true and incomparable taste of “wok hei” where every bite is oozing with the meaty and smoky flavors that arise from a just-cooked stir-fried dish using the wok pan.

What makes Chowking’s Chao Fan even more satisfying is that its stir-fried rice is packed with ingredients including meat, veggies, and egg, making it already a filling dish in itself. However, Chowking brings the dish up a notch as it comes with its signature meaty Pork Siomai, which is just as flavorful to complement the taste of Chao Fan.

Reviews of Chowking’s Siomai Chao Fan

May nagbago sa Chao Fan no?? Parang mas masarap pa ngayon yung rice + siomai. Sobrang nostalgic kasi eto lagi kong kinakain sa office,” exclaimed The Chui Chow in a post on Facebook.


Tiktok users are also joining in with their own reviews on the new and improved Chao fan. Eatsph said, Chinese food cravings satisfied! Chowking Chao fan hits the spot!” while thefoodproject raved, “Obsessedtttt!!! Chao Fan siomai combo 4evs legittt”

@_eatsph Chinese food cravings satisfied! Chowking Chao fan hits the spot! #chinesefood #chaofan #foodiesph #phoodtour #fypシ ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

@thefoodproject Obsessedtttt!!! Chao Fan siomai combo 4evs legittt 💖 #foodie #foodieph #foodreviewph #chineasefood #chowking ♬ Siomai – Ai Ai Delas Alas

The news also reached Instagram as various users shared their own experience: “Something you keep on craving for, only just got better. More meat, more tastier chow fan & definitely more of this great customer service. Chowking Chao Fan #legit” noted lifeandstyleeats.

“My face is serious here because Chao Fan is seriously delicious! Amoy pa lang ulam na!” stated cheapeatsphxab.

Have you tried it yet? If you haven’t, it’s time to do so, so you can see for yourself why social media is abuzz with the all-new Chowking Siomai Chao Fan, available in all Chowking stores nationwide. Also available for delivery online via the Chowking App,,  GrabFood, or Food Panda.

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