‘No free time, all hardwork’: Chito Miranda Shares Secret to Happy Family Life

Balancing work and family for Chito Miranda and wife Neri looks easy on the outside, but the Parokya ni Edgar frontman opened up in a recent Instagram post that it’s not always the case.

He shared that while he and wife Neri often share to the public their fun times as a family — from tending to their “Not-So-Secret” vegetable garden to painting or watching movies — they constantly have to juggle this side of their lives with Chito’s busy music career and Neri’s handling of so many businesses including her own vlog. And all this without a nanny!

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“What I’m trying to point out is, hindi kami parelax-relax lang sa buhay (we don’t just kick back and relax every day),” Chito explained.

Still, with their hectic schedules, Chito said that they still find time to spend with their son Miggy and achieve a comfortable family life.

“We work hard, we sleep late, we get tired, and we get stressed sometimes. Pero dahil sa hardwork (but because of hard work) and by exerting more effort than what is simply needed, I think na-achieve namin ang gusto namin sa buhay (I think we’ve achieved what we hope for in life): which is to work while enjoying ourselves, and to earn just enough to live comfortably, but still have more than enough time for our family.”

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He also advised couples who are starting their own families or have one of their own to never focus on who makes the most money for the household.

“The goal is to reach a point in which you make money by doing what makes you happy, and still having enough time to do s*** you enjoy,” he said.

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Chito and Neri tied the knot in 2014. Since then, Neri left her acting career to become a full-time entrepreneur, handling many businesses that include their newly-opened Tagaytay restaurant, Neri’s Not So Secret Garden, and their bottled Gourmet Tuyo. She also started her own YouTube channel this year called Neri’s Best.

Do you agree with Chito’s secret to achieving a happy family life? Share your own advice in the comments down below!


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