Children Who Choose to Go To School Despite Difficulty Inspire Passers-By


As we grow older, we slowly learn to appreciate the value of education. As kids, many of us took it for granted. Though seeing kids literally struggle just to go to school isn’t anything new, it still inspires me to see children who understand the importance of getting a proper education. Let’s face it, our country is far from being the ideal country many of us wish it to be. But who knows, maybe these kids will change all that.

Make up artist Carell Garcia shares this photo on her Facebook page:

A struggle for education

“This photo was taken during low tide in Sitio Cablatan in Roxas City where mussels and oysters are the main source of their livelihood. We are here because we are shooting Asian Food Challenge (Fun in the Phil.

) (an international food and travel show) to promote Roxas City as the seafood capital of the Philippines. While waiting for takes, I saw children from Sitio Cablatan crossing the island using small boats all by themselves and I think their age ranges from 6-11 years old.

I took a photo of them because I feel their determination and eagerness to cross the island to be able to go to school.

I know life is tough for all of us but we don’t realize how lucky and blessed we are living in a place where anything is accessible and easy.”

I still look forward to the day when getting an education would no longer be this hard. When the government and community work together as one for the betterment of our country. I’m sure we’ll get there, hand in hand and one step at a time.

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