Chefs and Volunteers Come Together to Deliver Home-Cooked Meals to Frontliners

As difficult as the past few weeks under enhanced community quarantine has been, it’s also served as a time for our collective humanity to shine through. From the selfless bravery our frontliners display going into work every day, to the acts of compassion and relief efforts ordinary citizens are pulling off — the spirit of bayanihan has never been so stark.

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Frontline Feeders Philippines is just one example of this. They are a group of individuals – doctors, restaurant owners, and NGOs – mobilizing food distribution to different hospitals and medical centers in Metro Manila and neighboring cities.

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More than just delivering meals to our frontliners, they connect networks like food establishments and hospitals. They prepare meals for over 30 adopted medical centers and coordinate logistics for even more. They solicit funds to buy supplies or cover commissary fees, shipping costs, salaries for cooks and other logistical expenses.

Your small action as individuals can have a big impact! Here's a list of what you can do to help our brave frontliners…

Posted by Frontline Feeders Philippines on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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Frontline Feeders describes their group as “a community-led initiative to provide nourishing meals to our dedicated medical center frontliners.”

You may contribute to this initiative through donations of cash or in-kind.

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