Check out these female artists make themselves known in the industry with #VisibleWomen

Gender stereotypes hurt. Really.

The hashtag #VisibleWomen has been trending on social media lately – and in case you’re wondering, it opts to raise awareness – “to create a world where women and girls can find role models and mentors in the careers they are interested in working in and in turn be inspired to become leaders regardless of their gender and the stigma attached to male dominated industries”, according to the official website of Visible Women.

We reached out to  female artists who took it their respective Twitter accounts how proud they are of being in the arts industry. Check out their amazing work below.


Name: Jill Arteche (@jillarteche)
How long have you been an artist? Hmm, siguro college? Before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree just this year and until now, I have been freelancing as an illustrator and graphic designer. I’ve been  joining exhibits as well.
What makes a woman a great artist? It’s when they are not afraid to give a piece of who they are as artists to the world; and to showcase what their work is about regardless of the circumstances. For me, that act simply accounts for their voice, which can influence their viewers. It’s using who they are, what they have and what they can do to empower people.

Christi Lu

Name: Christi Lu (@christisocool)
How long have you been an artist? I started drawing when I was two.
What makes a woman a great artist? [As a Filipina], I think an advantage would be our culture and environment! There are so many things around us – you can’t help but be inspired!

Elle Shivers

Name: Elle Shivers (@ramshackleheads)
How long have you been an artist? I’ve been drawing for 10+ years but I’ve been doing it professionally for around 4!
What makes a woman a great artist? For me what makes a great [Filipina] artist is her ability and readiness to challenge the status quo — not only art-wise, but also in regards to womanhood in general — through creative, progressive avenues.


Name: Clarisse Alfonso (@clarsalfonso)
How long have you been an artist? I’m actually a fine arts student at the University of the Philippines Baguio.
What makes a woman a great artist? I think that what makes a [Filipina] woman a great artist is not only do we get to celebrate our femininity through our art, but we also get to share how beautiful it is to be a woman with such a rich cultural background. Today, women are finally getting more opportunities to share their talents and stories to the world, I feel that the Filipina has so much to show and tell. Everyone deserves to know what we are capable of creating.

Hyein Jeon

Name: Hyein Jeon (@hyeiniillo |
How long have you been an artist? Hmm, I don’t usually call myself an artist, but I’ve graduated from an art school with a BFA in 2014!
What makes a woman a great artist? I think solidarity with other women artists is very important as well as having good women role models especially with everything going on in the world!

Mia Lagos

Name: Mia Lagos (@mialags)
How long have you been an artist? For around 6 years already!
What makes a woman a great artist? Aside from creating beautiful and meaningful work, she must also continue to support other women in the creative field. She encourages fellow female artists to continue doing what they love, and at the same time draws inspiration from them.

Joanna Malinis

Name: Joanna Malinis (@aniciaclean)
How long have you been an artist? I took up Fine Arts in college and it’s been 5 years since I graduated (2012). But I honestly, consider myself more of a designer than an artist.
What makes a woman a great artist? [As a Filipina], our country’s culture, environment, and people are very diverse. There’s a lot of things to get inspiration from. It also helps that our art and design community is very supportive.


Name: Gica Tam (@gicatam)
How long have you been an artist? Professionally, I’ve been one for three years. But I’ve been an artist pretty much as long as I can remember.
What makes a woman a great artist? There were so many female artists who made huge strides throughout history, despite the unequal opportunity. Thanks to them, we have a community that celebrates each other’s work, where we can better support and treasure the women of today and the future. That’s what makes it great.

kitkat pecson

Name: Kitkat Pecson (@kitkatpecson |
How long have you been an artist? Since I was given my first Crayola set! Professionally, since college.
What makes a woman a great artist? 

Some things I’ve observed in my favorite women artists:
  1. Empathy: their work isn’t just about their own experiences or their social circle.
  2. Great work ethic: they don’t wait for “inspiration” to motivate them.
  3. Curiosity: they experiment with different tools and try out new techniques.

Aren’t these fantastic? Let’s continue to support artists, regardless of gender! <3

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