Cheat Sheet: Get a Matching Huawei Device for Your Holiday Plans

Everyone looks forward to the Christmas season for different reasons: for some, it’s the time of year for family get-togethers and for others, it’s a perfectly good excuse to pause their grueling diets. No matter your holiday plans, having a trusty smartphone on your person is all but imperative nowadays. How else are you going to plan and document the half-dozen Christmas parties you’re attending at work or school? Not with a videotape camcorder and rolodex, for sure.

What’s for certain is Huawei smartphones being THE go-to gifts this year. This holiday gadget guide is here to help you get the matching Huawei device with your or a loved ones’ yuletide activities.

Huawei’s continued collaboration with Leica has yielded a new, incredibly useful addition to its Triple Camera System: Ultra Wide-Angle capture. By fitting more subjects and elements in a single shot, users can behold an extra dimension to photos they take. Snapping a picturesque shot is as simple as adjusting the zoom to 0.6x on the regular Photo mode, and the 20MP Ultra-Wide lens will zoom out to accommodate more of the scene into the frame.

For HUAWEI, it’s not all about having the best smartphone cameras. HUAWEI leverages on the design aspect of each product they produce. The Mate 20 design was heavily inspired by a luxury car’s four-point design, enabling the phone to have a futuristic design, with a 6.39-inch body that fits at the palm of your hand. The back of the phone was designed with a fingerprint-resistant texture, which also allows for a better grip!

What better reward is there for a hard year’s work than a trip abroad? Maybe you’re dreaming about visiting the Aurora Northern Lights? Well, HUAWEI went over the top to make your Christmas wish list come true this season! This year, HUAWEI introduced the most fashion-forward smartphone, the P20 Pro in Twilight! For Fashionistas, it’s a wish come true that they can finally get a smartphone perfect with their lifestyle! Besides having a one of a class design, HUAWEI introduced the most advanced smartphone camera technology when they announced the partnership with Leica cameras. The P20 is the first smartphone to feature the Leica triple AI cameras which revolutionized how people uses their smartphone for shooting photos nowadays. The P20 highly leverages on AI cameras to ensure high-quality, blur-free pictures and stunning photos of all the tourist spots you’re going to visit this Christmas season! The P20 AI Cameras also offers an advanced camera system including Master AI and Huawei AIS (AI Image Stabilization) to capture a more detailed and enhanced photos, making the smartphone photography experience even better! Don’t be surprised when friends ask if you brought a professional photographer along with you when they see the pics!

Party Animal: Huawei Nova 3i and Huawei Nova 3

For those intending to complete a lap of the holiday party circuit, the Huawei Nova 3 is your best bet. OOTDs are going to #slay social media feeds with the dual selfie cameras, consisting of 24MP + 2MP lenses. The Nova 3’s selfie cameras optimize settings in real time, producing on-point images no matter the environment or light source. Say goodbye to fuzzy group selfies at the party; say hello to #squadgoals snaps popping with color and detail.

For Foodies: Huawei Nova 3i

For foodies carefully curating their Instagram feeds with delectable gourmet shots, the Huawei Nova 3i is the ideal companion. Thanks to its Dual AI Rear Cameras, the Nova 3i can automatically recognize if the subject is food and capture the image using the best possible combination of settings. The result: food pics so vibrant and lifelike you can almost taste the flavor through the picture.

Whether it’s in a fancy hotel or just at home, staycations are equally great holiday plans. Regardless if it’s Netflix bingeing or co-op raids with your buddies’ favorite online game, the Huawei Y9 makes sure you maximize every minute if your precious staycation. The Y9 has a beefy 4000 mAh battery, 64GB of storage + 3GB of RAM, and FullView Display for ultimate immersion. Last but not least, documenting your holiday exploits with the four AI-powered cameras reassure your social media followers that you haven’t gone full recluse.

If you or a loved one identifies with any (or all) of the aforementioned holiday scenarios, then yay, mission accomplished! Get that Huawei smartphone wrapped in a neat bow ASAP. Visit a Huawei Experience Store today to explore other exciting device selections.

HUAWEI, in celebration of the brand’s successes this year, has a big treat for all of you this festive season! HUAWEI’s Christmas Grand Promotion will help anyone ace their Christmas shopping expedition. Starting November 16 until January 15, 2019, HUAWEI is giving away amazing free gifts when you purchase their selected devices! To learn more, please visit

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