Creators Charuth, Donna Cariaga, Killakushla, Jenny Yeo, Roselle Vytiaco Star in Humorous Mini-Films About Skincare

Drag queen NAIA Black and actor Donna Cariaga joined creators Acushla Obusan (Killakushla)Charlize Ruth Reyes (Charuth)Jenny Yeo, and Roselle Vytiaco to star in a series of films by SNAILWHITE.

The mini-films were produced to celebrate SNAILWHITE’s 5th Glowversary and showcase (to hilarious effect) the power of Snail Mucin-infused skincare. From fish that never burned on the grill to a mummy being restored by a special soap, a painter not being able to get oil from someone’s skin anymore, someone’s slap transforming their enemy’s skin, and a person’s skin almost blinding a driver!

The not-so-regular fish

unnamed 1

Photo: Snailwhite

Actor Donna Cariaga plays a tindera who applies SNAILWHITE Brightening Day Cream SPF30/PA+++ to refresh and protect her skin from the boiling sun. Little did she know, a part of the cream accidentally landed on the daing she’s selling! As she starts grilling them, she and her partner notice that one of the fish isn’t browning like the rest. Glowing yarn

A different kind of b*tchslap

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Photo: Snailwhite

Killakushla is famous for her baddie personality online. In this skit, titled Copycat, she plays the ex of Jenny Yeo’s current partner, Ismael. While applying SNAILWHITE Moisture Facial Cream backstage, Jenny suddenly enters. Killakush, not realizing she still has some of the moisturizer on her hands, slaps Jenny after having a small fight. The result on Jenny? Glowing skin!

The real source of Da Vinci’s painting oil

unnamed 2

Photo: Snailwhite

Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for his Mona Lisa painting, and according to this skit, he combined his paint with oil from a real person’s face! During a quick break, Charuth’s “oil producer” is given the SNAILWHITE Glow Potion AHA BHA Toner by Mona Lisa—played by Roselle Vytiaco. This is to help her control her skin’s excess oil while brightening and hydrating it. And it worked! Da Vinci couldn’t finish the painting anymore…no wonder Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows!

A unique way of restoring a mummy

unnamed 3

Photo: Snailwhite

An archaeologist and his two assistants try to restore a mummy to no avail. So what do they do? They bring out the big guns, aka SNAILWHITE Whipp Soap! The nourishing cleanser’s hydrating formula instantly restores the mummy’s old face and reveals it’s none other than queen NAIA Black!

A new way to “blindside” someone

unnamed 4

Photo: Snailwhite

Charuth is on her way home after buying pancit and a new bottle of SNAILWHITE Double Boosting Brightening Serum when a driver almost accidentally runs her over. Thanks to her glowing skin—which partially blinded the driver—her only “injury” is dropping the pancit!

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