Changing the Coffee Shop Game One Coffee Bean at a Time

Third wave coffee shops are popping up left and right and they are taking over the coffee scene in the country. These types of coffee shops are the preferred hangout places of most people today, not just because of the coffee that they serve, but also because of their ambiance. These two entrepreneurs are changing the coffee shop game in the country one coffee bean at a time.


Myles Hontiveros of Department of Coffee

While studying in the US, Myles Hontiveros was exposed to a lot of third wave coffee shops. It wasn’t much of a thing here back then as it is now, so he decided that it would be a good idea to open one in the country. He went to a small coffee school in Portland, Oregon, where he learned everything about coffee. Aside from brewing coffee, Department of Coffee also sells coffee accessories and machines. Myles also acts as a coffee consultant to budding coffee shop owners.


What sets Department of Coffee apart is that they don’t just serve you coffee; they educate you about it, too. Myles wants his baristas to share their passion about coffee to their customers. He wants his customers to know how their coffee is made and what it is made of. Myles is positive that, in five years time, Department of Coffee will still be around and will hopefully be a more established coffee shop by then.


Miguel Escueta of Frank & Dean Cafe x Kitchen

Since their college days, Miguel Escueta and his friends have wanted to put up an establishment of their own. However, they got busy with their own lives, with Miguel becoming a professional musician, so the idea got held off until 2013 when Pablo’s Pub opened up. A few years after that, their second establishment, Frank and Dean, was opened.


Named after Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, they wanted Frank and Dean to be the first legit hip coffee shop in BGC. Their interiors are very modern and so Instagram-worthy! Aside from great coffee (they partnered up with Yardstick for imported coffee beans), they also serve pizza and chicken that their customers keep coming back to. Miguel says that Frank and Dean will be one of the best coffee shops in the country in five years time. He also said that he and his friends will definitely open up another establishment, but with a different brand.

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Filipinos love coffee – that’s a fact. If you’re planning to open your own coffee shop, make it as unique as possible and remember that you don’t just sell coffee; you also sell the whole experience to your customers.


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