The Celebration of the 120th Philippine Independence Day in Melbourne, Australia

Everyone didn’t mind queuing up to try Filipino dishes and desserts  including Halo-Halo, Sisig, Pancit, sugarcane, Taho, Sago’t Gulaman, Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, fresh Buko juice, and many more. People who attended the event went home with a chock-full belly either with known or newly discovered Filipino dishes.pinoyFiesta24(the queue for food and beverages)

pinoyFiesta14Pinoy Snacks

pinoyFiesta22Pinoy chips!!!

pinoyFiesta16Fresh Buko



My personal favourite qa Ms. Kim’s Pinoy-Viet was just so satisfying and the mixture of Vietnamese and Filipino cuisine really did it! Also, Ria’s Cuisine’s Puto Bumbong insanely matched the cold weather and allowed the Filipinos to relive those Christmas feels in the Philippines of having Puto Bumbong and Bibingka during the season. And, for the love of lemonade, one stall infused it with some pineapple sparkling juice and it was just phenomenal!


Puto Bumbong

Queen Victoria Market was suddenly conquered by Filipinos around Melbourne and turned the market into a multicultural street festival. The place was hovered by Melbournians out with their jumpers, beanies, boots, hats, scarves, strollers, cameras, iPads, wallets and their curiosity about the Filipino Culture documenting new experiences and enjoying themselves! I had my Go Pro, SLR camera, and my phone trying to take Instaworthy photos while I munched on various dishes in the open with other event goers.

The getting together of people around the world celebrating Independence Day of the Philippines surely made the place warmer. The smokes coming from the barbeque charcoal grilling had everyone whiffing, sniffing and was beckoned by the aroma of the dish to the stalls. The distinct laughter from people enjoying the festival echoed across the market. Celebrating the “120th Fiesta ng Kalayaan” certainly has left a happy festive and satisfied belly for Melbournians’ weekend.

It was a fun, innovative and interactive festival. I felt like I was in the Philippines again but I left the place craving for more Filipino dishes. I certainly am looking forward for more Filipino cultural events in the future. These Filipino inspired events always leave us Filipinos living in other countries a feeling of being closer to home (Pilipinas). It also shares the amazing contagious, fun and festive Filipino culture to the rest of the world.


Special thanks to the event organisers:

Philippine Consulate of Victoria
Entertainment Director: Roy Carbungco
Festival Director: Noel Tolentino

Link below:

Philippine Street Fiesta