Caught on Cam: Police Officer Violating Traffic Signs?

No one is above the law. I’ve been hearing this line over and over this past week, particularly because of the whole BoC fiasco. When on the road, motorists often complain of traffic enforcers being unreasonable when asking them to pull-over for various reasons. Well, if you were the traffic enforcer, what would you do in this situation?

Miguel, a concerned citizen shared this photo with the following caption:

Laki ng sign, no left-turn. Sa stoplight ahead there’s also a no left turn sign. If the police themselves can’t follow a SIMPLE no left turn with a BIG no left turn sign, what do they expect, people to follow those signs? Pulis nga d makasunod eh. Sino huhuli sakanila? Topgear? LoL

police turn left

Giving the police the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was in a hurry to get somewhere or to catch someone. You be the judge. What do you guys think of this?