Caught on Cam: Kids Dancing on the Street, What Happened Next is Hilarious!

Filipinos are notable as emotional, happy-go-lucky, and creative people. In fact, our country was considered as one of the most emotional countries among the 148 other countries surveyed in 2014, according to Gallup 2015 Global Emotions Report. Such is the trending video shared by Yes FM Manila.

The video was originally uploaded by YES FM Cebu. It’s about the kids dancing on the streets whilst traffic. I initially thought they were giving drivers a hard time but nope, they were just enjoying and entertaining the motorists.

YES FM captioned it with: “Yung tropa mong sasakyan ka sa lahat ng trip mo.. HAHA!”

Watch the video below:

The video has garnered more than 2 million views and 35,919 shares as of this writing.

Wow, you got served by a flash mob! Gotta love Filipino kids!

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