Catriona Gray urges Filipinos to be better voters and “educate ourselves”

If anyone had a problem with her seemingly keeping quiet on a number of hot topics, they should have no cause to complain now. It looks like her silence on different local issues really was just because she was busy. One of the first things she did on her homecoming tour was to make clear her stance on the age of criminal liability. And now, she’s spoken up about responsible voting.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray eloquently reminded everyone that for the upcoming elections, the power resides with the people. TV5’s MJ Marfori led her to touch on the issue of voting during her homecoming interview. They were discussing the recently popular meme of the Philippines being more discerning when choosing beauty queens versus when choosing public officials. Catriona used the opening to shift the conversation instead.

Catriona Gray 1

She stated:

As Filipinos, we need to remember that we have the power to vote who we choose.

With that power being in our hands, we should educate ourselves of who is running, see if our values align or if our visions align and cast your vote in a very aware way and not just cast your vote without really understanding of what the person represents or what their platforms represent for the country.

With the midterm elections coming up this May hopefully we, as the voting public, can all take her words to heart and educate ourselves before voting.

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What do you think of her advice to Filipino voters?