Cathy Garcia-Molina Is Retiring Soon

Local rom-com director Cathy Garcia-Molina has just announced that she will be retiring from her career as director in two years.

Cathy Garcia Molina
According to PEP, the director mentioned it during the press conference of her movie “Seven Sundays” after lead star Aga Muhlach mentioned that he will only star in a drama that is directed by Garcia-Molina.

When the director was asked about it later on, she said that she had already informed ABS-CBN about her plan to retire soon.

Garcia-Molina said:

“My family needs me. My kids need me. I have given enough for the business and my company. It’s time I give back my time to my children. If I didn’t get to spend time with them during their formative years, maybe I can be there during their adolescent stage, which is a very difficult time for most parents.”

Garcia-Molina’s children are now both 11 and 12 years old. The director said that she didn’t want to miss any more time away from them.

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