Casa Claudia: A Quaint, Cozy Private Resort Perfect for a Spontaneous Weekend Getaway

After a long work week, the idea of packing our bags and going on a spontaneous road trip with our family or barkada seems like a tempting option, noh?

Why not do that this coming weekend? Or the next? We have the place for you!

Casa Claudia: A Quaint, Cozy Private Resort Perfect for a Spontaneous Weekend GetawayImage: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

Casa Claudia in Guiguinto, Bulacan is a cozy private resort that will make you feel at home. Upon our entrance, we were accompanied into the private resort’s dining area which had a rustic vibe thanks to its red-brick accents. The kitchen was equipped with cooking and grilling tools, a refrigerator filled with drinks like sodas and liquor, and—get this—a separate freezer filled with ice cream! (Consumption of drinks and ice cream is not included in the resort package rate.)

Casa Claudia is also conveniently located near convenience stores. It’s just a walking distance to Alfamart and 7-Eleven so you can easily go and buy stuff that you need.

photo 2023 03 02 14 56 29Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

The private pool can be found right outside the dining area. Just a heads up though—that pool is actually deep, at [ft here please]

photo 2023 03 02 14 56 24Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

Need to relax your muscles? Casa Claudia also has a hot tub for you, ready to take your stress away. 

photo 2023 03 02 15 13 05Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

From the outside, Casa Claudia exudes a tropical island vibe, but inside, it has a really cozy esthetic.

And to note, the whole villa has centralized airconditioning, for those who would like to escape the heat of Philippine weather. 

photo 2023 03 02 14 56 28 1Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

My favorite part of Casa Claudia, however, is the living room. Featuring big and bright yellow-colored couches and a huge android TV with Netflix and videoke (microphones included), this spot is just perfect for drinking and heart-to-heart sessions with the barkada, or just a fun night of karaoke!

photo 2023 03 02 15 12 45Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

Even the shower room and bathroom were aesthetic. We loved that minimalist vibe, with its simple lighting and natural elements that gave off a calming and serene vibe.

photo 2023 03 02 14 56 27Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

At the second floor is a spacious bedroom that can accommodate up to 10 people, with one queen, one double, and one solo bed, complete with pillows and blankets.

Untitled designImage: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

Another favorite spot is their huge hammock beside the mattresses! 

The giant hammock’s net capacity is 4 adults or 6 children. Kids who want to play must be supervised by an adult at all times.

photo 2023 03 02 14 56 25Image: Nikki Viola for @wheninmanila

You can relax and experience Casa Claudia for as low as P8,800 with just an hour-long drive from Metro Manila. Casa Claudia offers different packages for day and night tours.

If you are looking for a sign to plan a quick, spontaneous getaway with your family or barkada, Casa Claudia is worth the time and drive!

Casa Claudia Private Resort

236 Elcanto Brgy, Guiguinto, Bulacan
Facebook: Casa Claudia Private Resort
Instagram: @casaclaudiaprivateresort