Carmela and Clariz: Comfortable and Stylish Loungewear You’ll Love

Say it with me: “Pambahay is life!” Admit it: you hardly get out of your pambahay nowadays what with the pandemic still running rampant out there and the convenience of being able to get practically anything you need delivered to you.

I have spent many a Zoom meeting in loungewear, so it makes sense that I have been searching for comfortable yet stylish loungewear to at least make myself feel good while being stuck at home more often than not during this new normal. Enter Carmela and Clariz.

Carmela and Clariz Loungewear

Photo from Carmela and Clariz

Carmela and Clariz are sisters with two different personalities who share a love for clothes, women empowerment, and God. “We wanted something different – not the typical online shop that you would normally see on Instagram or Facebook,” they share.

Since they were kids, they dreamed of starting a clothing line that caters to women. When the pandemic happened, they got more time to plan and came up with Carmela and Clariz. Aside from selling clothes, they want this endeavor to be a lifestyle brand where they can also share positivity and encourage people, especially women, to feel comfortable in their own skin and size. “Our approach is like talking to your sister,” they explain.

Carmela and Clariz Loungewear 3

Photo from Carmela and Clariz

Carmela and Clariz chose loungewear since they knew that most people would be staying at home during the pandemic. Definitely a good call! They offer comfortable and stylish pieces that can make them feel extra, even from home. They also chose them in a way that you can wear their pieces out for a quick grocery run or for errands. As for the designs, they follow their “CC rules”. They should either be classy, cute, or both. 😉

Of course, quality is still key. The sisters make sure that all of their items are of good quality by doing quality checks before shipping them out. They also help in choosing the sizes by getting their customers’ measurements for the right fit. I initially thought that the XL set I received would be too big, but it’s just the right size for the utmost comfort (and for my big butt lol).

Carmela and Clariz Loungewear 2

Photo from Carmela and Clariz

Finally, they value after-sales service – from tracking your shipment to receiving the item and getting
your feedback. Constant communication is very important to them and that’s what really makes them stand out all the more.

And oh, if you plan on giving their loungewear out as a gift, make sure to let them know so they can make it extra special by decorating it for you! 🙂

Carmela and Clariz


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