Cards Against Filipinos is Now Available for Download FOR FREE!

Last June 2015, we wrote about Martin C.’s creation of a Cards Against Filipinos deck, which quickly went viral what with all of the relatable and hilarious cards that he showcased online.

Cards Against Filipinos Cards Against Humanity Pinoy Style

Well, the entire first edition of Cards Against Filipinos is now available for free download! This is what they had to say on the game’s Facebook page:

After months of thinking it through, after realizing that our country might never really have a thriving indie gaming industry any time soon, and after realizing that hey, this was just a brainfart, and it was awesome, so why not share thy blessings with the world, right?

I would like to thank everyone who has given me support and guidance throughout this project. All your contributions, whether huge or tiny, will not go unappreciated! It has been an honor working with every single one of you!


Cards Against Filipinos is Now Downloadable

Photo from Cards Against Filipinos‘ Facebook page.

Cards Against Filipinos is loosely based on Cards Against Humanity, but is better in my opinion because it is much more relatable and thus more hilarious for us to play in the Philippines. In fact,¬†we cannot be more thrilled!!! You may download the full card set, too – and it’s free! ūüėÄ Time to stir up some fun with your friends!

Cards Against Filipinos

Download the set here: