Sorry, Guys! Apparently, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Did NOT Get Married

My, how quickly rumors and news change! Just this week, it was reported that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson got married in an Elvis-themed chapel in Las Vegas. It was also reported that they kept things very low-key at the ceremony.

Ashley Benson Cara Delevingne Homophobic Haters

BUT TODAY, reports are saying that the couple didn’t get married, after all. According to E! News, a source has confirmed that they aren’t legally married, though they had a “fun friendship ceremony about a year ago”.

(We’re honestly not sure what that means.)

This isn’t the only time rumors have spread about the two. When they were seen with couple rings, many assumed that they were engaged; it turns out they weren’t. Still, the couple seems to be going strong with them even getting matching tattoos at one point. Whether they are married or not, though, we still ship these two to no end and hope for the best for their future!