Capaholic’s Character Face Cap Collectors Gathering: Cap Lovers Unite

Face caps and character caps are basically comprised of designs that are loosely based on either science fiction-themed movies or comic-based characters. In 2008, when the first Iron Man movie was shown, New Era released 144 pieces of Iron Man Big Face Caps, which were a huge hit and are still gaining in ever-increasing value amongst cap collectors today.

Capaholics 1

Capaholic is a cap group where members and hardcore cap collectors share their newfound hunt of different themes and rare bounties. It’s the kind of group where a newbie might be overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of information that he will be bombarded with  on a day-to-day basis. From basketball and baseball to music and streetwear, even emerging local brands are among the variety of choices one can follow or collect.
Most of the hardcore cap collectors go for the rare ones, though. With that being said, it was extremely tasking to get Face Caps a couple of years back and a member had no choice but to either pay a hefty amount to government’s customs taxes for overseas online orders or have a relative/friend buy one for them. All that has changed since New Era Philippines opened up, though. Much to the delight of cap collectors/enthusiasts, some of their offerings include the Ultron Big Face Caps and two other character caps from the Age of Ultron movie.
Capaholic 2
A few months later, the Star Wars character caps caught the locals by surprise because of the vast array of choices from the movie that was to be shown that time.
Capaholic 3
NEPH has just released the first ever Philippines Exclusive Big Face Cap and 59fifty of the early 1980s Japanese Robotic Cartoon TV Series Voltes V, as well. International cap collectors were on the watch for this particular release and most of them wanted to grab one and take a piece of what the country had to offer.
Although the settings might not be at par with international cap groups yet; locally, Capaholic has managed to let interested members participate in a monthly gathering where they can share their collections, voice out their opinions, meet other collectors and the group’s admins and moderators. Sometimes, prizes are also given away by sponsors who support the gatherings.
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The group intensifies its pseudo name as a “CAP COLLECTORS GROUP” by showing off their collections at the gatherings. Aside from membersmeeting new people, they will also gain knowledge in where to get the cheapest deals online and how to get them locally.
Stay in touch for future gatherings as Capaholic will continue to support the cap game, be an advocate of such culture, show integrity and professionalism towards its own craft.


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