‘Can We Still Be Friends Trailer?’ Make Me Want to Tinder Because It’s ‘Sobrang SAYA!’

Arci Muñoz and Gerald Anderson are reuniting in a rom-com film Can We Still Be Friends?

The trailer is out and it is somewhat a roller coaster ride from being a happy new couple to being a bored couple to breaking up to trying to meet other people via the dating app, Tinder.

The first scene shows the two being sweet with each other while doing laundry. Then, it moves to a scene where one of them asks the dreaded question, “Masaya ka pa ba?”

After the break-up, the two meet again at the laundry shop. They catch up a bit and they started talking about Tinder, which they sarcastically say they are happy to be using.

Watch the trailer below.

Arci and Gerald took their fans by a surprise last year in their first rom-com movie, Always Be My Maybe.

Will you watch?