Cafe Público: Fresh Gelato, Board Games and Wine at the Promenade Greenhills


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When In Manila, not so long ago, a desserts place was born. A place wherein old friends can catch up, families bond and even boys would want to bring their dates over. With the local European coffee-shop-along-the-streets vibe, it was almost as authentic as it gets. This whole concept was orchestrated by Mr. Peter Chua himself with inspirations coming from his travels around the world. It was such a pleasure to have met him and we had a small chit-chat despite his busy customer-filled Sunday schedule.  


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WhenInManila, meet Peter! The brainchild of this marvelous gelateria located at Promenade, Greenhills. He even did some hands-on work by scooping out gelato for me! 



It is hard enough to compete in today’s the food industry, what more if you find yourself in the middle of the ice cream and fro-yo frenzy? No worries! Peter offers his gelato freshly-made every day! Plus, the fact that he makes Cafe Público’s cold treats from scratch is an advantage for his business since everything has to go under his watch. According to Peter, the best-sellers are Ferrero, Cafe Crunch and Chocolate Fudge. Everyday, they present different flavors just to shake things up a bit. 


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18 of the numerous gelato flavors Cafe Público has to offer.



Speaking of concepts and travel inspirations, here are some tiny details that add soul to Cafe Público: from the table-top counter, to the board games provided to keep everyone off their electronic gadgets.


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Left: Cafe Público also serves snacks like pastries, sandwiches, light pasta, etc. 
Right: Embracing the theme color – a Little Green Man, stands by a green Eiffel Tower, welcomes you as you choose your flavor from the gelato bar.




Left: Inspired by the rustic character Cafe Público portrays, the cashier’s counter was constructed to make it seem like old boxes are piled up.
Right: Samurai – Green Tea with Black Sesame, my personal favorite! 




Left: The cozy second floor is perfect for relaxing, away from the metro rush.
Right: This one intrigued me – Toothpaste flavored gelato! Bubblegum + mint. 



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Cafe Público on a typical Sunday afternoon with board games provided on each table. 



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The lion head fountain complements the massive chess piece which keeps customers interested. 
My sisters and brother playing a fun game of giant chess. 



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  My gelato picks: Black Samurai and Peaches. 



There were a lot of interesting flavors presented at the gelato bar and as much as I would love to eat all of them, I had to control myself! Mr. Peter Chua even offered us another round of gelatos, on the house, but we just had to kindly decline because we already ate too much. 


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One of the interesting flavors – White Chocolate Wasabi



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Check out the Cafe menu with affordable prices! 





Left: Kapis lights shining over Cafe Público like stars.
Right: Golden wine shelf with dispenser.



Cafe Público is not just a place to eat cold gelato, but they also have coffee, liqueur, light pasta and other snacks. There is also a fancy wine shelf with dispensers which can be seen just behind the counter. It acts like how a water dispenser would normally do but instead, the tubes are directly connected to wine bottles to generate wine. I have never seen anything like this before and it looks so impressive! You have to be there to see check out how the whole thing works. Drop by any time soon and experience the nostalgic ambience inside this establishment. Located at 2nd Floor Promenade, Greenhills. Open from 11AM – 12 Midnight, Mondays – Sundays. 


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 Left: A feel of local sorbetes through the Pinoy ice cream cart. 
Right: Just follow what the chalkboard says! 



So what you waiting for? When In Manila, get your dessert fill at Cafe Publico! 



Cafe Público

2nd Floor Promenade, Greenhills

Open from 11AM – 12 Midnight, Mondays – Sundays. 

Cafe Público: Fresh Gelato, Board Games and Wine at the Promenade Greenhills