Café Nenzo: Where Delicious Meets Healthy. Bulacan’s Hidden Gem.

CN14Aloha Supreme  (Junior Size) – Php 210    

PIZZA!!! Yeah, I love pizza. This Aloha Supreme is brick oven-baked to perfection. You can enjoy this awesome pizza like in the commercial where the cheese stretches out or you can add some lettuce, alfalfa, or tomatoes in a slice and roll it up.

CN15T-Bone Steak with Pepper Gravy Sauce (150g) – Php 230

The T-Bone Steak with Pepper Gravy Sauce was glorious. The pan seared beef is cooked through but not tough. Also, the mashed potato was so good and creamy, I forgot about the rice (lol).

CN16Inigo’s Fried Chicken  – Php 150

Their fried chicken dish is called Iñigo’s Fried Chicken. It’s not breaded or coated so you can really taste the chicken in it’s simplest essence. If you’re tired of the typical fast food fried chicken, give this a try.

CN17Seared Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce – Php 175

We tried their Seared Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce. The fish was cooked wonderfully and the sauce really goes well with the protein.

CN12Resse’s Choc-Nut Frappe – Php 140

For drinks, we tried out their Resse’s Choc-Nut Frappe. It’s a fusion of east meets west as our humble Choc-Nut teamed up with Resse’s Nut Bar to produce this wonderful chocolatey and nutty drink.

We tried their healthier options in drinks as well, called Green Smoothies. They are delicious fruit and vegetable shakes that are nutritious, and diabetic-friendly. They also facilitate weight loss, foster regular digestion, increase resistance to infection, and promote radiant skin.

CN13Weight Loss Green Smoothie – Php 75

We tried one and we got the Weight Loss Green Smoothie. This is made from organic greens, banana, mango, green tea, super foods chia seeds and matcha powder. If you want a fix of your greens, you can drink this and get a day’s worth of nutrients.

Now, to top things off, let me say again that there’s always room for dessert!

The great thing about Café Nenzo is that they want everyone to enjoy their desserts. A lot of people tend to veer away from desserts because of their high sugar and fat content. But Café Nenzo uses less sugar and oils, all the while still able to maintain the taste of a good dessert.

CN18Blueberry Cheesecake – Php 110

The Blueberry Cheesecake is smooth and rich. It melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting for another bite.

CN19Low Sugar Carrot Cake – Php 125

The Carrot cake was moist and soft. Because it has carrots, it’s instantly healthy. Good for the tummy and good for the eyes.

CN20Choco Fudge Cake – Php 120

CN21Turtle Pie – Php 135

The Choco Fudge Cake and Turtle Pie are made from Davao chocolates. The hint of bitterness made both desserts richer and bolder in taste.

CN22Macadamia Sans Rival – Php 135

Finally, my instant favorite, the Macadamia Sansrival. This one takes it home. This one has the right amount of sweetness to hit the spot. Other sansrivals I’ve tried before were too sweet so it kinda hurt my tongue, but this one is perfect that you can truly enjoy the texture and creaminess of the dessert.

The best thing about Café Nenzo is their commitment to serve healthy and hearty meals in the comfort of a positive environment. Surely, a smile will be hanging on your face as you leave the place.

CN23Ann and Enzo Abacan – The awesome people behind Café Nenzo

Visit them in Bulacan or their upcoming place in Quezon City starting this July.

Café Nenzo

G/F Esperanza Mall, Mc Arthur Highway, Meycauayan, Bulacan
Mobile: 09062332233


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