Cafe Naci Can Satisfy Your Cake Cravings

Craving for cake? Cafe Naci has got you covered!

Cafe Naci offers the signature gourmet food and pastry creations of the late great Chef Ed Quimson. Their offerings may look and seem simple, but they are actually robust and full of flavor. “As White Plains village’s local neighborhood cafe/restaurant, we want to be everyone’s ultimate pick-me-up – especially during this time when we need all the love and comfort we can get,” they share.

‘Naci’ is derived from the word ‘Nasi’, which means rice in different languages and is a staple comfort food for Filipinos. Cafe Naci tweaked the spelling of it to give it a unique twist – something that their dishes do, as well. Their dishes are familiar and reminiscent to home-cooked meals from different parts of the world that bring back fond childhood memories. And the same goes for their cakes and pastries!

Cafe Naci Cakes 2

Photo from Cafe Naci

Cafe Naci prepares their food and cakes fresh daily for takeout and delivery. They only make small batches per day to guarantee high quality and freshness. Their bestseller is their Pistachio Sansrival. A lot of customers have actually said that it is the best sansrival they have tried; so make sure you try it, too!

They also take pride in being able to offer assorted mini cake box sets of their bestselling flavors, which are perfect for those who want to try different flavors in one go, and for households where everyone has a different favorite cake flavor (like ours). They also make for great gifts/care packages!

Cafe Naci Cake

Photo from Cafe Naci

Cafe Naci has also recently come out with Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting and Caramel Sauce, Brazo de Mercedes Roll, and a No Sugar Added variant of their Mango Cheesecake, which have been widely and positively received by their customers, and have been selling out fast!

Cafe Naci shares that they choose their flavors based on classics that every Filipino loves – and we love them, too! They aren’t too sweet, but they will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

Cafe Naci

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cafenaci

Instagram: @cafenaci

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