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The Philippines have been colonized by three super powers namely Spain, America and Japan. Evidently the Filipino language, traditions, lifestyle and of course food  have been highly influenced by these three countries. Spain has given Filipino culture a list of words adapted from their own.In terms of Spanish lifestyle and religion we have the famous siesta and Catholicism. In terms of food, historians say that 80 percent of Philippine dishes are of Spanish origin; relleno, morcon, paella, callos, embutido and caldereta are just to name a few. Spanish Flavor is indeed Filipino cuisine’s strongest culinary influence.



 When in Manila, you will experience all of that right in the heart of Makati in Cafe Havana. Cafe Havana is a Spanish restaurant that serves recipes originally from Spain. With delectable, tasty flavors; simple yet elegant presentation and a wide array of dishes to choose from, Cafe Havana‘s menu is one that aims to make your mouth water.




Cafe Havana is located in the ground floor of Greenbelt 3. It is one of the best restaurants here in Manila that serves Spanish food. Aside from that, it also plays live music: Latin, Spanish and contemporary music. Finally, it’s also a dance avenue for Salsa, Flamenco and other ballroom dancers! It is indeed Spanish Manila all in one restaurant!



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Aside of course from slice of Spanish culture Cafe Havana provides, it’s food and drinks are also a phenomenon to talk about. Spanish dishes here are perfectly flavored and cooked. Simple yet highly delectable, much like the Filipino cuisine but with a few twist in the ingredients. 




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Pollo Buena Vista: Grilled Chicken with fresh vegetables and a vinaigrette with sweet and tangy flavor.




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Quatro Quezo: The Famous 4 cheese pizza perfectly seasoned and cooked.  



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Chuletas de Pollo Mexicano: Java Rice, caramelized onions, Chicken cutlets cooked to perfection



IMG 0572 copy Spareribs Habanera: Pork with Guava sauce: with saltiness of the pork countered the sweetness of the sauce and the textured black bean rice makes this a sure hit!



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Steak ala Cubana : Tender beef cuts, similiar to the Filipino Caldereta but with Olives.




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Baked Blue Marlin: Freshly cut blue Marlin with soft potatoes, bell peppers and olives. Really welcoming and fresh.




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The Banana Republic :Simply enjoyable comfort food. A dessert with mashed bananas and raisins paired with vanilla ice cream. 



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Schedule of bands





Latin and Spanish Music playing. Live performances are obviously much more exciting. A plus for Cafe Havana. 





The band that night played contemporary and instrumental music that made you dance.





Dancers moving to the music played by the live band. 









 I totally enjoyed my food experience in Cafe Havana. A grasp of some the Spanish culture is definitely refereshing!  





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Thank you to: Sir Willy, Sam , Pauee, Robert and Jason 







Spanish Manila in Cafe Havana