By Niki Sells Delicious Apple Crumble and Helps Charities with Their Profits

Apple pie is one thing, but apple crumble is a whole other thing. Unlike regular apple pie, apple crumble offers a crumbly and crunchy topping that simply elevates the entire experience. Apple crumbles aren’t very popular here in the Philippines, but seriously… you need to try By Niki’s crumbles. Top tip: add a scoop of ice cream to elevate the experience all the more! I guarantee you will not regret it!

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By Niki is a home-based business that specializes in baking apple crumble. Niki Martinez has always loved baking; and when classes ceased because of the pandemic, she found time to experiment on new recipes with the ingredients that they had at home. Since their family has always loved fruity and fresh desserts, she decided to make an Apple Blueberry Crumble.

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After a few days had passed, Niki found herself making another, and then another, and then another! It ended up becoming a weekly staple, and her brother eventually offered to help her turn it into a real business. Her parents and older sister have been super supportive, as well, helping out by giving great business advice and finding packaging, etc.

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By Niki has two crumble flavors available at the moment. The Apple Blueberry Crumble, which was a product borne out of a necessity to consume tons and tons of blueberries given by a friend, is a crowd favorite!

As for the Apple Crumble with Sharp Cheddar, Niki happily obliged when customers suggested an apple-only version and started experimenting. When her Tita recommended adding cheese to the crust for a salty flavor, Niki claims it was “life changing”, and she hasn’t looked back from there. Being a sucker for cheese, this one is my personal favorite!

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Since By Niki’s crumbles are filled with fresh fruit, they suggest eating it right away or at least on the day itself for freshly baked goodness, especially if it’s still warm when you receive it (that’s the best time to dig in!) If you have any leftovers, make sure to store the crumble in the refrigerator. You can enjoy it the following day chilled or you can warm it up in the microwave or oven. It will still taste the same and will keep well for a whole week!

Niki shares that she personally prefers the Apple Blueberry Crumble chilled and the Apple Crumble with Sharp Cheddar warm, but feel free to experiment and taste-test it on your own. 🙂

Photo from By Niki

Since the situation in the Philippines hasn’t really improved, By Niki also gives their profits to charities supporting the people struggling during this pandemic, such as For Our Farmers. They have also been joining various donation drives to be able to help the community, such as Bake Sale for Better PH. If you want to donate or lend a helping hand yourself, feel free to take your chance on any one of those initiatives, as well.

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