Bucket Hat: The Most Versatile Accessory of All Time

Baseball caps are so last year! Bucket hats are back on the radar and it seems like they’re staying a little longer than before.

Want to know why everyone’s loving it? First, it protects you from the sun. Second, it is 100% stylish. You can rock it whenever (no need to argue with that). And third, it’s super lightweight! You can just pack it in your luggage and it won’t take up much space. Outfit and travel-wise, we can say that this is absolutely a must-have!


This iconic piece is so hardworking, it can perfectly go with any outfit you strut. Whether you’re having brunch in Europe just like Laureen Uy or basking in the sun like Sarah Lahbati, a retro classic bucket hat is definitely a go-to accessory that will surely match with any staple you’re wearing.


Don’t just sit there! Snag one now and share with us your looks!