Brownie Boutique’s Crunchy and Moist Brownies Bring Instant Good Vibes

Brownie Boutique’s Crunchy and Moist Brownies Bring Instant Good Vibes


I had a rough day, but when I got home, my stress and issues momentarily vanished when I saw that my Brownie Boutique delivery was already waiting for me! I was very excited to taste these yummy brownies because they sure looked scrumptious in the pictures. The flavors–cream cheese, Nutella, and red velvet–sounded delicious, too! So, as soon as I saw them, I unwrapped them and patiently took pictures before devouring these sweets.

Brownie Boutique Moist BrowniesThis is Brownie Boutique’s actual package. Each brownie is wrapped with a plastic wrap to prevent it from crumbling and so that the air won’t make them less moist and crunchy.


Brownie Boutique started in December 2013 after Andrea Acosta gave birth and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. She loved baking ever since, so she tried her luck selling brownies online through Instagram – something that was already becoming a trend back then. Her big break came when an ex-colleague ordered tons of brownies for her giveaways in the Christmas of 2013.

She personally bakes all of the brownies and they are made to order, so their freshness is never compromised. Shipping is nationwide and only takes one day, so you can be sure that the brownies won’t take long to reach your doorstep wherever you are in the Philippines.


Brownie Boutique Moist BrowniesAssorted brownies: P400 per dozen– Oreos, KitKat, Sticky brownies topped with marshmallows, and Classic brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar, 3 pcs. each; Assorted Swirls: P550 per dozen– Cream Cheese Swirl and Oreo Cheesecake Brownies, 6 pcs. each; Assorted Bella: P550 per dozen– Nutella Bella and Nutella Oreo, 6 pcs. each)


Brownie Cakes

I tasted the red velvet brownies first because I love red velvet cupcakes! My first impression was that it tasted like a red velvet cake! It’s very soft and moist, and even if you were blindfolded, you’d be able to guess that it’s red velvet with just one bite. It stays true to its name red velvet because it is  velvety and rich in flavor. 😉


Brownie Boutique Moist BrowniesRed Velvet Brownie: P500 per dozen


Everything that has “Nutella” in it makes me “hhmmmm Nutella!!!” I have yet to meet a person who does not like Nutella. Eating the Nutella-flavored brownies from Brownie Boutique came as a surprise to me, though. The edges are crispy, and once you eat them, you’ll taste the Nutella flavor from the base AND filling! I didn’t expect it to have a Nutella filling. Unlike the red velvet brownies, this one has a crunchier texture when you eat it. It melts in your mouth, too, though!


Brownie Boutique Moist Brownies

Nutella Bella: P450 per dozen


The Cream Cheese Swirl brownies are their BEST-SELLERS. The cream cheese is on top of the chocolate-fudge brownies. It’s soft, creamy, and rich in flavour, as well; but has a sweet and tangy flavor at the same time that you will enjoy with every bite!


Brownie Boutique Moist Brownies

 Cream Cheese Swirl: P450 per dozen


A Different Kind of Brownie

The Brownie Boutique brownies are my favorites now. They are by far the best brownies that I have ever tasted because of the richness of the flavors and the perfect amount of sweetness in them. They also offer other flavors like KitKat, Oreos, and Smores! I can’t wait to taste those flavors, either. While classic chocolate-fudge moist brownies will always be a favorite, these exciting flavors of Brownie Boutique are definitely something to look forward to when it comes to brownies, as well.

Andrea is also aiming to make the name of her brownies business turn into a reality — a brownie boutique where people can actually walk in and order their favorite brownies in an instant.

I recommend these moist brownies for you to try, whether you’re sad, happy, or just looking for something good to share with people you care about. Good food elicits good feelings, and these moist brownies will definitely do the trick. 🙂 Thank you, Brownie Boutique!


Brownie Boutique Moist Brownies



Brownie Boutique


Instagram: @thebrownieboutique


Mobile No.: 0917 446 5797



Brownie Boutique’s Crunchy and Moist Brownies Bring Instant Good Vibes


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