Brazilian Bikini Beauty in the Philippines: Lay Bare Waxing Salon

So I went with Hannah of to try out the new deal of the week. This week, we had a special 50% off package rate for services at Lay Bare Waxing Salon.

Lay Bare provides excellent professional services, and were very nice to us and their other customers while we were there.

Hannah started with some eyebrow threading services and lower leg waxing.

What makes Lay Bare waxing salon special is their “Cold Wax” that they use instead of hot wax strips. Their cold wax is made of all natural ingredients like honey, kalamansi, and sugar, and is much less painful than hot wax. This unique Cold Wax is explained in more detail later in the post.

Hannah really enjoyed it and was absolutely surprised by how painless the waxing was. She actually really liked the process and how her skin felt afterwards. The painlessness of the cold wax on her legs actually encouraged her to try the Brazilian wax, as well.

I do want to point out how much fun we had, thanks to Hannah, and how proud we are of her. Your FlairCandy had the courage to try the Brazilian waxing  / Bikini waxing services for the first time in her life! Well, it was fun because it still stung a bit “in some places”, according to Hannah. We could hear her scream a bit from the outside, which made it extra funny for me.

Though, in the end, the girls there agreed that the threading actually hurts more. So do give this a try when you’re there. In fact, here’s a Brazilian Wax Style guide / menu for you ladies.

– Landing Strip

– Mohawk

– Martini Glass

– Bermuda Triangle

– Postage Stamp

– Heart Attack

– Clean as a Whistle

Lay Bare Waxing Salon is one of the successful franchising models in the country, with 24 branches in Metro Manila, Cavite, Bulacan, and Visayas.

Owned by the Hilario Family with Fiona Hilario as President, Lay Bare hit a goldmine in June 2006 when it opened its first salon in Makati by capitalizing on the hair waxing trend among men and women. Before their business was established, many salons offered hair waxing merely as a sideline service.

The positive raves from very satisfied customers, including the interest from investors who saw money opportunities here, encouraged the Hilario Family to go into franchising to speed up their expansion.

Given the extremely delicate nature of body hair removal, utmost privacy and comfort are guaranteed in all salons with their acrylic bead curtains, private cubicles, and reclining beds. Simple interiors, natural accents, and their lime and bamboo color schemes enhance that non-intimidating setting that discriminating customers look for.

Waxing is definitely a better hair removal alternative compared to shaving or plucking. One procedure will leave you hair-free for two to six weeks depending on your hair growth.

Lay Bare is noted for its Cold Wax service.  Cold wax, which comes in different strips sizes, is easier to use than hot wax. They are less painful to remove since they don’t stick as strongly as hot wax on the skin.

Photo of cold wax strips being applied on legs

All branches use cold sugar wax jelly made from natural ingredients that have bleaching, moisturizing and exfoliating properties: sugar, kalamansi and honey. Sugar water is water-soluble thus it’s easy to clean up with just water. Continued cold waxing leads to lighter, smoother skin. Hair re-growth is finer and sparser. Be ready to show your smooth armpits and long smooth legs!

The three branches in Alabang Town Centre, Las Pinas and BF Homes Paranaque, operated by Ms. Xialen (Sha-len) Antonio are offering a P275 worth cold-waxing package that includes eyebrow threading, half leg and underarm waxing. This is 50% off its regular price of P550. ONLY available through

This is good for all genders, so buy many coupons to last you for six months. Hair grows back again, you know.

When In Manila, do get your groom on at Lay Bare Waxing Salon! Get all your threading, underarm, legs, brazilian, bikini waxing, and other hair removal needs here! With continued waxing, you can expect your skin to be lighter and smoother while hair regrowth is finer and sparser. Oh, and do check out their menu for the Brazilian Waxing Style Guide! Get yourself a nice, clean-shaven P… P….. Private part. 😉

Lay Bare Waxing Salon


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