Boxing: Possible Third Pacquiao-Bradley Bout In the Works

After Timothy Bradley’s impressive win against Brandon Rios last Saturday, a possible third fight between the people’s champ Manny Pacquiao and the re-energized Bradley might happen next year.


According to reports, Bradley dominated Rios from the opening bell, landing a total 254 of 570 punches before bring Rios down on the ninth round with a powerful body shot.

Rios, on the other hand, had a lackluster last run with only 81 punches landing its mark out of his 454 punches thrown. He later announced that he’s hanging up the gloves for good.

Currently, the Pacquiao-Bradley series is on a stalemate, with one win for Pacquiao and one win for Bradley. And with Bradley’s new coach, Teddy Atlas, on his side, a Pacquiao-Bradley fight would be interesting to see.

But reports also said that nothing has been decided yet, and that Pacquiao has yet to make a decision on who he’ll go up against in his final match.

Pacquiao is also looking into boxers Terence Crawford and Amir Khan as his final opponent in the ring before retiring to focus on his political career.

What can you say about a Pacquiao-Bradley 3 fight?