Bodyshot Gym in Butuan: Top Tips to Get Started at the Gym

I am not a gym junkie, you won’t find me in the gym everyday, but I do go to the gym twice or three times a week to keep my health and body in check. If you’re like me, you’ll find that having a fitness routine is tough to get into, I’d start something and then just give up completely just a few weeks in, but I got started with boxing about two years ago at the Elorde gym in Alabang and I’ve enjoyed boxing since. In Butuan, I’ve made Bodyshot gym my fitness home. It’s the biggest gym in Butuan and in my opinion, the best gym in the city too. They’re the only gym that offers a lot of variety in terms of gym equipment and classes that I don’t find the need to go to other gyms for all my other fitness needs, except of course, when I go biking which I like to do outdoors. So find a gym that suits you, but when in Butuan, well, I’ve already found one for you. 

So congratulations, you’ve taken that first step and decided to enroll at a gym, what can make you stay though, now that can sometimes be the problem. Here are some of my tips to finally getting you started at the gym and hopefully some habits that will help make you stay. 




1. Familiarize yourself with the variety of gym equipment and classes available.

This helps because you would be able to do different types of exercise in just one place. Try to use the gym equipment during one day of exercise to build and strengthen muscles, use another day to do some boxing and the maybe another day to do circuit training. That way, you could eventually get used to the routine and also choose which type of exercise suits you. We’re all different, so take the time to know which routine gets you excited to go to the gym. I personally like boxing at Bodyshot so I tend to do this twice a week and do circuit training once a week. If you’re not too familiar with the equipment, don’t be shy to ask a trainer to guide you especially during the initial sessions, this is something that they themselves enjoy doing, so teaching you makes their job even more rewarding for them. 



Don’t be shy to ask a trainer to help you with the gym equipment or with your exercise routine. 

2.  Grab a buddy.

Grab a friend who can commit to getting fit just as much as you do. When you’re feeling too lazy, he/she will be sure to encourage you to go and visit the gym. You can also check each other’s progress and make sure the other is always in tip top shape. It would also be a plus if you eat out together or invite one another to have a post-gym healthy lunch at home that way you can always keep your health in check by choosing healthy meals together. At Bodyshot gym, there are group classes too so you can bring the whole barkada and enjoy getting fit together.



 Grab a buddy to go with you to the gym and keep each other motivated.



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